Comment moderation fixed on Drupal Gardens / D7

Yay!  While I was off basking in the newborness of my daughter (code name poopiepants) the Gardens team was busy banging out a bunch of new features and making bug fixes in Drupal 7.

One of the small ones which was a huge thorn in my side since migrating my blog from my old blog was a few bugs in Drupal 7 comment moderation. Mollom support in Gardens is just around the corner, but in the mean time, I got a bad case of the spammies.

A brief summary:

  • Previously, the nice approve and delete buttons on each unmodderated comment did nothing.  Now they work
  • Previously, when you multi-selected comments to approve, only the first one actually got approved, now they all will.

Sweet!  Keep on Gardening!


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