FREE MANDELA and other cardboard signs


"Suck my Dukakis!"

My friend Connor and I fashioned the "Suck my" on paper and magic marker taping over the original sign, the phrasing of which I can't remember, but I'm guessing "Commie Dukakis" or "Down with Dukakis". We pushed the sign into the vent so my Dad's friend Dean could see it. We giggled until he came around the house, screamed at us, and probably wished my dad wasn't some hippie peacenik type so he could beat the shit out of us. Quite frankly, he probably should have and saved the world some trouble... It was 1989. I was eight and already knew how to offend someone like a proper adult.

The sign was cardboard, nailed onto a 6ft long 2x4" along with a 1/2 dozen other signs. I don't exactly remember them, but here are some guesses: "Nuke Iran", "CIA! CIA", "Better dead than Red", etc. etc. It was part of my dad's attempt at political theatre.


My country


I wrote previously about the American visa application process and how my inlaws tried to get an appointment for an interview for 4 months.  Well, after writing to my really excellent congressman McGovern, I was able to secure them an interview which was this morning.

Sadly, their visas got denied today for the age old reason of America doesn't trust brown people to abide by the law and leave when their visa is up.  I live in a country which robs a 72yr old retired policeman and his family of the joy of watching his grand daughter's first year.  They have impeccable records, advanced degrees, speak English, plenty of money in the bank, and they own valuable property. Why?

Needless to say, we're thoroughly demoralized, angry and shocked.  Does anyone know if there is any recourse we can take?


Am I an asshole for walking out of movies?

So I've been living with my in-laws in Noida (near Delhi) for the past 3 months.  They are wonderful people and I will miss them dearly after my triumphant return to the US in 30 days.  My wife's got two brothers, one is a twin and the other is a bit older.  They are unmarried and still living at home (as is often the custom here).  Sometimes on weekends they come down to our apartment to have a "movie night".  I've never met two single men in their 30s/40s who like RomComs until these two; but anyway with my snooty independent cinema and best picture nominee criteria we often have disputes over what to watch.

Last night it was "Twilight."  Obviously, not one of my picks.

How the hell anyone could make such a shitastic movie and not be in some kind of prison for defrauding a production company that they are a director is beyond me.   I mean, I even sat through about 3/4 of "All about Steve" which they subjected us to last month.  (notably, All About Steve won a razzie).  I made it until about the 4th awkward stuttering and staring match between the two brain-dead teenage protagonists before pouring myself a Talisker 18yo, grabbing a book and heading for the porch to try and undo


All grown up

Punk Baby



After 12 days of papahood, here's what I know:

  • The boob rules everything.
  • Pooping on fresh nappies is preferable to pooping on already soiled ones
  • Forced bathing and oil message is a grave injustice (until it is done)
  • My baby's got rhythm, reggae is her fave.
  • Keeping walking and shaking me baba!
  • Laundry.  Lots of Laundry.
  • Love. Lots of Love.

More pics from week 1






Hi everyone,

Vinitika gave birth to our daughter yesterday in the afternoon after a short labor.  Everyone is healthy and fine; she's a big girl - curly black locks, a sideways smile and 5 chins.  My personal absolutely perfect and the rest of the world just faded completely out of focus.  The first night she slept in my arms (well, when we slept), and it was the best night of my life.  I have the feeling that every day with her will be the best day of my life from now on.

Here are some pictures


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