Balle-Balle! Heading to India for April

I know, April is almost the worst time to visit India.  The weather is around 40 degrees C (that's TOO DAMN HOT for all the yanks) and the weather conditions are:

Anyway, I didn't want to miss DrupalCon where I had two sessions, so April it is.  You may recall, I visited with Dries in November.  It was a pretty amazing trip and were we all inspired by the opportunity and enthusiasm there.  Now it's time to make some of our plans happen.  If you're based in India, I've got a few agendas to push when I'm there, and I'd love your help to make them happen:

  1. Grow the Drupal community: I'm thinking the best ways to do this are to speak at events, and train local trainers, especially in broad intro-level courses. Anyone interested?
  2. Meet with potential and current Acquia partners: If you want to become an Acquia partner let me know and let's talk about what that entails. Already a partner, let's grab a drink and talk about your business
  3. Meet contributors: Are you a Drupal contributor looking for some recognition and/or assistance in your projects? Get in touch with me and I'll try to help you with your success.


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