Am I an asshole for walking out of movies?

So I've been living with my in-laws in Noida (near Delhi) for the past 3 months.  They are wonderful people and I will miss them dearly after my triumphant return to the US in 30 days.  My wife's got two brothers, one is a twin and the other is a bit older.  They are unmarried and still living at home (as is often the custom here).  Sometimes on weekends they come down to our apartment to have a "movie night".  I've never met two single men in their 30s/40s who like RomComs until these two; but anyway with my snooty independent cinema and best picture nominee criteria we often have disputes over what to watch.

Last night it was "Twilight."  Obviously, not one of my picks.

How the hell anyone could make such a shitastic movie and not be in some kind of prison for defrauding a production company that they are a director is beyond me.   I mean, I even sat through about 3/4 of "All about Steve" which they subjected us to last month.  (notably, All About Steve won a razzie).  I made it until about the 4th awkward stuttering and staring match between the two brain-dead teenage protagonists before pouring myself a Talisker 18yo, grabbing a book and heading for the porch to try and undo


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