Blocking Chinese Spam from gmail

Since May I've been getting a crazy amount of Chinese spam. About 40 messages a day. Although I would one day love to learn Chinese and find out how impressive I will be to my lover after taking their herbal viagra, right now I'm just trying to get my work done.

There are several articles out there claiming that:


can be used as a filter. I think this is old news as it doesn't seem to work anymore for any language.

So I googled the most common chinese characters and put together a filter like this:

Has words:

的 OR 是 OR 否 OR 要 OR 不

This catches them all nicely. Sorry Chinese spammers.


Giving our customers the gift of Ham: Mollom (anti-spam service) provisioning API

Well, Sprint 39 just finished up at Acquia Engineering and we've got a number of new exciting features and bug fixes releasing to Drupal Gardens in the next week.  One of these is Mollom - the best spam protection service on the internet - for all Drupal Gardens site owners.  For those not in the know, Mollom protects your site from spam by analyzing the contents of comments or other content that is contributed by users and presenting Captcha challenges if the content is suspect.

What this means for Drupal Gardens beta testers:

You'll get setup with the best spam protection available from Mollom.  No cost, nothing for you to do.  Just works.

What this means for Developers who want to provide Mollom to their customers:

Most people aren't aware, but Mollom offers an extensive provisioning API for Mollom partners to create accounts on behalf of their customers.  Gábor Hojtsy and I got to work on this feature and Gábor wrote the mollomapi module which does the provisioning. Here's a sample of how the API works:

$mollom_keys = mollomapi_site_add('', '[email protected]');
if (!empty($mollom_keys) && is_array($mollom_keys)) {
  $public_key = $mollom_keys['public_key'];


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