Alias a.ka. Alias a.k.a BashAliases

I found a cool little tool today for building bash aliases.  

Being the lazy SOB that I am, I'm just going to quote the project page since it describes well why it exists:

This is all well and good but ... the time and forethought required to create these definitions [aliases] is often a significant barrier that is difficult to overcome. Even though the time it would take to create an alias would save much time in the long run (and much stress on hands and wrists and arms) the task at hand always seems to take priority. And so one rarely does.


Here's a quite run down of a couple commands:

acd Alias Current Directory


$ cd ~/work/somewhere/deep/in/my/sourcecode/where/I/go/all/the/time
$ acd alias for /home/jacob/work/somewhere/deep/in/my/sourcecode/where/I/go/all/the/time?rsi
$ cd /
$ rsi
$ # Goes to the directory.

The alias is saved in ~/.bash/alias.

Also has alc

Alias Last Command

This one basically let's you choose from the last 9 entries in your history and make one an alias. This is not rocket surgery, or even brain science, or even basic linux administration, but it does encourage something we all should do more of anyway, and I like the simplicity. Check it out!