Howto convert 1password database to keepassX

I use 1password on my mac.  It's absurdly overpriced for what it is, but it saves me so much hassle, I bought it anyway.

KeepassX is another great password manager which is FOSS and cross platform.  It doesn't integrate nicely with my browser though, so 1password won.

Anyway, I've got linux boxes too, and I wanted to transfer my 1password passwords over to them.  There is no way to do this really, so here's what I hacked up without writing any code (which I hate doing for something so silly).

But I did anyway!  The old post is below.  The script to do it for you is here:


  1. Go to 1password, export all entries as tab-delimited text file
  2. Open up the output in open office, change the URL / Location heading to url.
  3. Save the text file as CSV, while saving click the "Edit filter options" checkbox to use "," (comma) as your delimeter.
  4. Get this:  I'm sure there are better scripting language versions out there, anyone know one?  You have to build this, but it is dead simple.  Just make && sudo make install.
  5. Convert the CSV to XML: cat 1pass.csv | csv2xml > /tmp/1pass.xml
  6. Open up 1pass.xml, you'll see something like this:


      <title> </title>

      <password> Like I would tell you </password>



  7. Do a find and replace, make <row> into <entry>
  8. Before the first <entry> add this:
    <title> Internet</title>
    <icon> 1 </icon>
  9. And after the last entry: 
  10. Import into keepassX

Yay! Makes you wish people would just adopt rdf or other standardized schemas for such things, but then many of these silly pieces of software would be out of business.  Oh noes!




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