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Drupalstan: What's up in the Indian Drupal community

Welcome to the first of a hopefully regular update on the Drupal community in India - Drupalistan!

Contribution spotlight: Capgemini helping with testing

Drupal's massive growth has attracted some true global giants to our community. Capgemini is a 100k+ person consulting firm with over 35k employees in India. Apart from Capgemini's established reputation as a leader in large scale Drupal implementations, they are now also actively contributing to the community through testing efforts.

The CG contribution team consists of 3 developers with Drupal and PHP backgrounds. Apart from this, a Drupal architect [DurgaGopalPrasad] and a Manager[Rizwan Sayyad] also worked for part-time.

Team members:

Describe the project you worked on: (what was the goal, how did you accomplish it, who mentored you, etc):

The project is about automating the testing process of the upgrade work of from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Behat is a PHP testing framework capable of running human-readable test cases against the application that needs to be tested.


Where is the Media module at or why I spent DrupalCon in a corner w/ my laptop

Like many Drupalcons, I spent nearly the entire conference preparing my presentations. This is no fun, but we’ve been so busy trying to get the new gallery feature in Drupal Gardens released that it was the only way.  Anyone else have this experience?

My Agile presentation got the pretty slides and practiced talking points.  But for my Media presentation, I decided to keep it pretty simple. No fancy slides with ironic images and silly jokes. No showmanship, no costumes, no entrance on a motorcycle jumping through a ring of fire. I just talked about the problems in D6 which prompted work on media, showed a demo and then we had a nice intimate discussion among the 200 or so people there as to what was going to happen next.

It was great and the feedback I got very much validated my original vision which was:

  • Useful, attractive and consistent interfaces whenever files are used.
  • Meta-data attached to files, no file-as-node business.
  • Secure ways to extend multimedia features to your whole community.
  • Killer WYSIWYG support.

During the discussion on the roadmap and the BoF I organized a few major features were repeated:

  1. Video and Audio
  2. A more sophisticated browser (folders, permissions,


Giving our customers the gift of Ham: Mollom (anti-spam service) provisioning API

Well, Sprint 39 just finished up at Acquia Engineering and we've got a number of new exciting features and bug fixes releasing to Drupal Gardens in the next week.  One of these is Mollom - the best spam protection service on the internet - for all Drupal Gardens site owners.  For those not in the know, Mollom protects your site from spam by analyzing the contents of comments or other content that is contributed by users and presenting Captcha challenges if the content is suspect.

What this means for Drupal Gardens beta testers:

You'll get setup with the best spam protection available from Mollom.  No cost, nothing for you to do.  Just works.

What this means for Developers who want to provide Mollom to their customers:

Most people aren't aware, but Mollom offers an extensive provisioning API for Mollom partners to create accounts on behalf of their customers.  Gábor Hojtsy and I got to work on this feature and Gábor wrote the mollomapi module which does the provisioning. Here's a sample of how the API works:

$mollom_keys = mollomapi_site_add('', '[email protected]');
if (!empty($mollom_keys) && is_array($mollom_keys)) {
  $public_key = $mollom_keys['public_key'];


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