Technology leadership coaching

I specialize in helping companies grow while not compromising on the values that made them great when they were small.

I've done this a few times in my career as an engineering leader, product leader, business leader and consultant. Along the way I have learned a few things - some the easy way and many the hard way.

I can't promise you I will transform your organization.  What I can promise you is that I am not just regurgitating business books, I've been in the trenches and I've run large technology organizations myself.  If you want proof, see my qualifications.

I help organizations - mostly startups - scale their product and engineering teams through

  • Supporting great leaders in product and engineering teams
  • Getting real about what's important to the business and how to measure it
  • Innovation focused technical and organizational architecture

This sounds jargony - but it's quite simple.  I've been a CTO and business head for 7 years, and an engineering leader before that.  I've helped build 3 fast scaling orgs and maybe I can help you.

The root of the problem is usually how we communicate, and all agreeing on what's important.  But the execution of scale includes how we architect our systems and teams for innovation and how we create greater autonomy and candor between different groups.

If you have questions or complaints like

  • How do I get "tech" to understand "the business"?
  • How can I keep good engineers engaged with the work
  • Everything seems to take forever and I have no idea why
  • Product is always growth hacking, but we seem to be going nowhere
  • I want tech to drive my business, but it always ends up just doing barely enough

Get in touch, and let's set up a call and discuss if I can help you.

Here's a keynote I did at Agile India which may give you an idea of how I think about teams (and has some dumb jokes):