OSX's greatest strength is its greatest weakness

I use a macbook air. I haven't always been a mac user, but around 5 years ago I joined a company which said they would spend $3,000 on a computer so I left the land of neckbeards, printed out my X11.conf file and burnt it in a fire of virgin's hair and blood and joined the dark side.

I don't really mind the darkside, I actually really like it, as long as someone else is willing to spend on my machine. But the past couple days I got caught in some yak shaving which led to some realizations around the fragility of the "full stack" myth Apple likes to talk about.

Specifically, my company uses Jabber for chat and I use the excellent Open Source client Adium. We also use a self-signed certificate which adium complains about everytime I start it. In the new version of Adium, you can say "trust this cert forever", however doing so causes the Apple Keychain file to become corrupted (of course, this isn't obvious). The first symptom of this is that https:// URLs don't work in Chrome and Safari but not Firefox. It also causes various programs that use HTTPS to crash in weird random ways and eventually a kernel panic. Obviously it took awhile to figure out the cause of this.

The bug


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