August Acquia India Drupal meetup in Delhi

Thanks to everyone for attending a great Drupal meetup on August 15th in the Acquia offices in Delhi in Stirring Minds.

Although a lot less than 50+ registered, we still managed to get around 30 people in the room for some snacks, chat, presentations and hacking, making this one of the largest Drupal meetups I've seen in the Delhi area.

The event kicked off with some socializing, table tennis, drinks and snacks. Following that, I (Jacob) did a short presentation on the tools I use to be both lazy and efficient as a developer.

Post that, we dug into some Khati rolls, beer and cold drinks and split into Birds of a Feather groups focused on the following:

  • D7 to D8 module migration (led by Abhishek and Abhishek)
  • Drupal for absolute beginners (some new people from Stirring Minds also attended. (Suchi)
  • Performance optimization (Amit Goyal)
  • Contributing to Drupal (Rajeev).

Many people came up and told me it was the best meetup they've been to, which was great to hear.

Future meetups

Unfortunately, Delhi has not has a history of regular meetups. We're hoping that with the central space at Stirring Minds and a little intention we can change that. I sent out a survey which




- Preamble -
I'm on a writing kick. My goal is 200 words or more a day. I'm going easy on myself when it comes to quality. That doesn't mean you have to, you can shit on my dreams if you'd like you made-up internet people. Just saying, I'm going to be publishing a lot more and much of it will be unedited, self-expression crap. You've been warned.

- End preamble -

I went to a Yoga class for the 2nd time in my life this morning. The first time was 12 years ago. I was living in Northampton and I went to the joint underneath the no-neck gym around the corner. There was a fruity white lady in her late 30s leading me in nasal Sanskrit chants... I dunno, I'm not some hard-core avenger of cultural appropriation. If anything, white folks doing Yoga has caused a renaissance in India - a good thing I suppose in the net computation. Still, it annoys the fuck of out me, and when I was 20 and feeling my "identity oats", it kinda turned me off to the whole thing.

Vini started bringing home a Yoga teacher home when we lived in Delhi 5 years ago. That was awesome.


Airtel 3G data pack / plan recharge after you run out

Airtel's 3g payment service is incredibly broken. I am a heavy data user and this happens to me all the time. Here's the scenario:

  1. You buy a data pack (say 2GB for 455 INR)
  2. You use up all 2GB before the end of the month (if you call 12311# it will tell you 0.00 MB remaining).
  3. You SMS 3g to 121 to renew. You select what you want (after the 10th try).
  4. It tells you it will be activated in 4hrs.
  5. A minute later, it tells you you have more than 50MB in your account so you cannot purchase the data pack.

4 calls to customer service who supposedly fix it every time, 3 emails which will be responded to in one day (4 days and no response).

TAKE MY GOD DAMN MONEY AIRTEL! I'm not asking for you to make your service work, or even provide me good service, I'm asking you to TAKE MY MONEY. Can't we find a win-win here?


Drupalstan: What's up in the Indian Drupal community

Welcome to the first of a hopefully regular update on the Drupal community in India - Drupalistan!

Contribution spotlight: Capgemini helping with testing

Drupal's massive growth has attracted some true global giants to our community. Capgemini is a 100k+ person consulting firm with over 35k employees in India. Apart from Capgemini's established reputation as a leader in large scale Drupal implementations, they are now also actively contributing to the community through testing efforts.

The CG contribution team consists of 3 developers with Drupal and PHP backgrounds. Apart from this, a Drupal architect [DurgaGopalPrasad] and a Manager[Rizwan Sayyad] also worked for part-time.

Team members:

Describe the project you worked on: (what was the goal, how did you accomplish it, who mentored you, etc):

The project is about automating the testing process of the upgrade work of from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Behat is a PHP testing framework capable of running human-readable test cases against the application that needs to be tested.


Balle-Balle! Heading to India for April

I know, April is almost the worst time to visit India.  The weather is around 40 degrees C (that's TOO DAMN HOT for all the yanks) and the weather conditions are:

Anyway, I didn't want to miss DrupalCon where I had two sessions, so April it is.  You may recall, I visited with Dries in November.  It was a pretty amazing trip and were we all inspired by the opportunity and enthusiasm there.  Now it's time to make some of our plans happen.  If you're based in India, I've got a few agendas to push when I'm there, and I'd love your help to make them happen:

  1. Grow the Drupal community: I'm thinking the best ways to do this are to speak at events, and train local trainers, especially in broad intro-level courses. Anyone interested?
  2. Meet with potential and current Acquia partners: If you want to become an Acquia partner let me know and let's talk about what that entails. Already a partner, let's grab a drink and talk about your business
  3. Meet contributors: Are you a Drupal contributor looking for some recognition and/or assistance in your projects? Get in touch with me and I'll try to help you with your success.


Why Americans are seen as arrogant: The Visa.


Okay, now let's consider for a moment what America is.  Is America a "white" county? Although many would like it to be, it is not.  Non-hispanic whites were only 68% of the population in 2008 and that number is likely inflated since the percentage is dropping rapidly.  Is it an "English" country?  Officially yes, although a huge number of Americans speak other native languages.  16% of the population is of Hispanic or S. American origin and most of them speak Spanish or Portugese at least as a 2nd language.  So what is it?  An "American" country?

At what point does one become an American and then have the right to delineate the "other" and then humiliate them?

Has any US and EU citizens reading this ever tried to get a visa for another country?  I've gotten several and it is usually as simple as "send in the form with $50 and your passport and get a visa in a week or so".

My in-laws are trying to get a visa to come to the US and visit their daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter.  My father in-law was an important figure in the police service for many years and they are 100% above board legally and financially secure.  Here's the process:

  1. Pay ~$150 per


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