Disabling or changing mac keyboard shortcuts in the menu like minimize all

Hi! This is the story of a hidden feature in OSX and a tale of frustration and anger.

I needed to override the keyboard shortcut for "Minimize All" in OSX so I could use the keyboard shortcut to comment in Google docs.

First, a few things about me:

  • Use Google docs a lot.
  • Have a mac
  • Live by keyboard shortcuts.
  • Have a lot of opinions
  • Like to share them.
  • Stubborn as hell.

So when I'm reviewing a colleague's document in Google Docs, and I want to comment, I looked for the keyboard shortcut (⌥⌘M)

Unfortunately (and you would never know this): OSX already has reserved this combo for "Minimize all".


Stop for a moment and consider that Google creates both Chrome and Google Docs...

The way to fix this is probably the worst bit of usability in OSX. It looks like one of those... "we better make this possible, but let's just put a stupid hack in for really insistent keyboard cultists."

To fix:

Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> App Shortcuts.

Now, enter in EXACTLY the name of the menu item you want to override (Minimize All - but how the hell would you know this), and put in some random keymashing that you will never


Review: Sequel Pro

I've been using PhpMyAdmin since I switched to a Linux desktop about 7 years ago.  Before that I was a big fan of Mascon for windows.

I'm not sure why I tolerated the lousy web interface of PhpMyAdmin for so long.  Fully aware there were more usable solutions out there.  I guess it's just a case of "whatever, I don't use it that much".  But I think a good DB browser can really improve workflow in some situations.  Now that I'm a sellout and use a mac, I was expecting to spend $30 for some silly GUI app, but was pleasantly surprised to find SequelPro.


Sequel Pro


Nice right?  And it is really easy to use.  I can edit data, it's got a SQL editor that is smooth to work with and a table designer with all the fixins.  Supports local and remote DBs as well.

While I still support phpMyAdmin (as a stalwart x-platform FOSS citizen) this one is just too easy to use and pretty (and also Free software).

Check it out!


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