Adding SOPA blackout to a Drupal Gardens

If you want to blackout your site in protest of SOPA/PIPA, here's what you gotta do:

(hat tip to for the blackout page).

Important: Keep the url handy. 

Once you follow these instructions, your site will go dark (if it is January 18th 2012).  If you want to get it back, you will need to delete the block later.

  1. Navigate to Structure -> Blocks
  2. Click on "Add Block"
  3. In the "Body" use the dropdown to change from "Safe HTML" to "Full HTML" (the buttons will go away)
  4. Make the block show by setting a region.
  5. Copy the following and paste it into the body:




<script type="text/javascript">
    var a = new Date;
    if (18 == a.getDate() && 0 == a.getMonth() && 2012 == a.getFullYear()) {
        window.onload = function () {
            var cover = document.createElement('div');
   = 'fixed';
   = 9999999;
   = window.innerWidth + 'px';
   = window.innerHeight + 'px';
   = 0;
   = '#000';
            cover.innerHTML = '<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameBorder="0"></iframe>';
            window.onresize = function () {
       = window.innerWidth + 'px';
       = window.innerHeight + 'px';




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Sort Butterfly

I just wanted to mention that I really thought the image and the animation and all for this was REALLY well-done, and that I am very thankful that Jacon was so cool to make this happen for all the denizens of DG - thank you so much, Jacob.

Also, thanks for tweeting me the fix (worked!) to my own stupidity :)

The protest in Manhattan today went very well, and the whole protest was a great success, IMHO. Thank you for helping us do our little part.

Best regards Sort Butterfly

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