Correction: Media module demo link

Hey planet,

Something strange happened where only I could see the embedded youtube video of the demo.  Sorry for the confusion.  If you were interested in a demo of the currently in progress media module, I've added a link to the demo. (It's' at the bottom):

Apologies, my webmaster will be flogged appropriately.



Media Display - Lightbox?

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Hi Jacob,

I stumbled across your site while researching the changes being made to the media module for Drupal 7, and want to THANK YOU for all of your excellent work in this area. The interface is so much sleeker and easier to use than it was in D6!

In terms of video display- will there be an option in D7 to display videos/ photos in a lightbox/shadowbox? Or would we have to use a separate lightbox module for that?

Thanks again!