Drupalstan: What's up in the Indian Drupal community

Welcome to the first of a hopefully regular update on the Drupal community in India - Drupalistan!

Contribution spotlight: Capgemini helping with drupal.org testing

Drupal's massive growth has attracted some true global giants to our community. Capgemini is a 100k+ person consulting firm with over 35k employees in India. Apart from Capgemini's established reputation as a leader in large scale Drupal implementations, they are now also actively contributing to the community through drupal.org testing efforts.

The CG drupal.org contribution team consists of 3 developers with Drupal and PHP backgrounds. Apart from this, a Drupal architect [DurgaGopalPrasad] and a Manager[Rizwan Sayyad] also worked for part-time.

Team members:

Describe the project you worked on: (what was the goal, how did you accomplish it, who mentored you, etc):

The project is about automating the testing process of the upgrade work of drupal.org from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Behat is a PHP testing framework capable of running human-readable test cases against the application that needs to be tested. Test cases were written using Behat/Mink-extension and run against Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 development environments.

We had internal review process, daily & weekly scrum calls and weekly demos to keep things moving in sync. A project has been created on drupal.org to keep track of all the test cases and their current status. Project: http://drupal.org/project/doobie. During our six months we implemented, 655 scenarios that describe 134 features - in all 3,070 unique tests. We've supported these tests with code for the Drupal 6 branch of Drupal.org and have updated them all as much as possible for the Drupal 7 version as well.

Team has got consistent support from Melissa Anderson who had played a crucial role in directing and guiding the team and on prioritizing the work .We also got ample support from jhedstrom, sdboyer, tvn. Thanks to the many people who supported the effort in one way or another - halstead, nnewton, michaelemeyers, jhodgdon, Senpai, tizzo, KentBye, lotyrin, skjalf, dww, weaverryan, bleedev, nagwani, the Drupal Association, others.

What was your experience contributing to the community?

It was overall a very good experience contributing to the community. During the development, the team got excellent support from the Drupal community members in solving issues, overcome technical challenges, setting up environments and getting the work reviewed. We were surprised to see how many people had already taken up Behat and are trying them out. We got good exposure to the community and has benefitted by community members reviewing the code, their suggestions and enjoyed showcasing the work to larger audience.

Do you have any advice to anyone just starting with Drupal?

The new technology that we have learnt in this initiative is Behat. In general, we would advise anyone to go through Drupal tutorials(from textbooks or from drupal.org or Lullabot) first rather than just directly exploring Drupal. Getting more involved with Drupal community(drupal.org) will help in improving knowledge by sharing thoughts and also we get to meet good techies whose suggestions or comments will help in delivering a effective solution/software.

Upcoming events:

Feb 2nd: Hyderabad Meetup

Jan 26th: Bangalore

Jan 26th: Coimbatorehttp://groups.drupal.org/node/278193

Events last month:

Drupal Camp Delhi

Drupal India's largest event yet! Over 350 people got together to learn, laugh, party, do business and make friends at JNU's fantastic convention center in New Delhi on the 7th and 8th. The event featured a keynote by Jacob Singh, Acquia's India country head as well as sessions by Drupal experts from around India including Dipen Chaudhary (Pune), Shyamala Rajaram (Chennai), Sumit Pareek (Kolkata) and Siva Epari (Hyderabad).

Many thanks JNU for the venue, the good folks at Srijan for organizing the event and of course all of the generous sponsors:

You can find videos of the event at http://drupalcampdelhi.com

Drupal Camp Mumbai

Mumbai held it's 2nd annual Drupal Camp as well with over 150 participants at the Mukesh Patel College of Technology Management & Engineering - a part of their larger hackfest. The event featured a twelve year old Drupaler, Karan! (pictured below). The videos for the event may be found @ http://groups.drupal.org/node/265638#comment-865463

Keynote at this event was delivered by Jacob Singh. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M3ZidFg0jk

Many thanks to the organizers, particularly Rachit Gupta from Blisstering and the following sponsors:

Drupal training day in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur

Drupal training day was held in Bangalore (40 participants), Mumbai (30), Chennai (20) and Jaipur (50). This initiative is particularly important in India where many students and developers do not have adequate access to find out about Drupal


Bangalore saw a very successful Training Day camp on Dec 14th 2012, at KNS Technologies, Bangalore, with over 40 attendees.

An amount of $118.84 was raised at the camp and was donated to Aaron Winborn Special Needs Trust.


Thanks to KNS Technologies (knstek.com) for sponsoring a beautiful venue for the event.


In Chennai Drupal Training workshop was conducted on Dec 14th 2012 at Unimity Solutions. The first half of the workshop targeted to introducing Drupal by providing a hands on session starting from installing drupal to configuring drupal. The second half of the workshop was a presentation on: Understand what's in store in Drupal 8, dive back in and contribute!

Number of participants: 14

Event link: http://groups.drupal.org/node/271193

Presentation link: http://www.slideshare.net/shyamdrupal/what-in-store-in-drupal-8-15753769

Credits to Shreenivas Ransubhe for the awesome logo and and Shyamla, Rachit, Tanay and Dipen for helping with the content



Good to see some good

Good to see some good companies are emerging as drupal.org contributors. other than that, North India is way behind in these type of events. :) Please make some efforts to have meetup in chandigarh region.

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Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like
you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could
do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog.
A fantastic read. I'll definitely be back.

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Nice write up and good to see

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Nice write up and good to see lots of drupalers & events around the country.

Great article!!

Great article!!

I also collaborate with people from India and the community is growing up very fast there.

Keep it up and see you in the issue queue of drupal.org ;)

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die suche nach kreativen

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die suche nach kreativen lösungendie zeilgalerie öffnet sich für trendsetter<br><br>Viele Bermudas und Shorts lassen das Bein zumeist nackt. Subtil überträgt die Designerin die Idee von Transparenz auf durchsichtige Taschen oder Schuhe. Gekonnt spielt sie mit Volumen, stellt Tops trapezförmig aus, gibt kurzen Mänteln am Rücken Weite.. <br><br>Der niedrige Schwerpunkt sorgt mit dafür, dass der BRZ auch beim schnellen Kurventanz satt und breit auf der Fahrbahn liegt und präzise zirkelt. Ab und an schlenkert das Heck beim Herausbeschleunigen etwas, aber es bleibt immer im sicheren Bereich. Das (ausschaltbare) ESP regelt zur Not fein dosiert und die Bremsen packen beherzt zu und sorgen für saubere Entschleunigung. <br><br>Blau, die Farbe des Meeres und des Himmels: Sie prägt die Mode im Frühjahr/Sommer 2008 bei Salvatore Ferragamo. Doch es gibt auch feuriges Rot und zartere Aprikosen- und Pfirsich-Töne. Lange Hemdblusenkleider werden mit einem breiten Gürtel fixiert. <br><br>Lenkung und Fahrwerk überzeugenDass Subarus Sportler dennoch sehr viel Spaß machen kann, dafür sorgen vor allem Lenkung und Fahrwerk. Die Lenkung ist direkt und präzise, man hat jederzeit das Gefühl, die Fahrbahnbeschaffenheit zu fühlen. Das Fahrwerk ist sportlich straff mit Restkomfort. <br><br>witzig war vor kurzem, als ich sie begleitet habe zum arzt. auf dem rückweg besorgte ich bei wolle-rödel noch einen gutschein für meine freundin. dazu noch ein knäuel sockenwolle und ein 15cm-bambus-nadelspiel. Doch Rettung naht. Ein Restaurant im Ort bietet einen eigenen WLAN-Hotspot an. Ich beschließe, ab sofort täglich mein Büro in der "Kneipe" aufzumachen. <br><br>8. Kippt Seifenwasser in den Lauf und die Innenseite des Verschlussstückes und lasst das ganze 5 Min einwirken. Anschließend mit Heißwasser ausspülen und groben Dreck mit einem Pfeifenreiniger wegschrubben. Diese Jacken garantieren der Käuferin, einen ganz besonders luxuriösen Tragekomfort und dass, ohne aufzutragen. Mit dieser Jacke kommen sie warm und stylisch durch den Winter. Mit den Modellen der Marke Museum wird der Winter sogar zum Genuss. <br><br>Ansonsten hilft vielleicht ein Tierheim im Nachbarort, denn ein Leben im Keller halte ich für unzumutbar. Da würde ich die Katze eher in die Wohnung holen und den gesunden Hund kurzfristig umquartieren zu einer Freundin oder Nachbarin oder versuchen, ob die beiden sich nicht aneinander gewöhnen. Allerdings kann die Katze, der ja eine gute Gesundheit bescheinigt wurde, auch gut auf dem Bauernhof leben. <br><br>Auch die "Straße der Sonnenuhren", der "Engel mit dem Schnurrbart" und der "Tempel der Gedanken" gehören dazu - und natürlich Guerras Museum. Der 90-Jährige lebt zusammen mit seiner Frau nur wenige Schritte vom Museum entfernt. Gästen erzählt er gern, dass das Hinterland der Küste ihn inspiriere und Erinnerungen an seine Kindheit wachrufe.

Very possitive and good post.

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Very possitive and good post. Im suuprist when i visit your website JAcob :)
balterio panele . Dotyczy to wszystkiego i wszystkich którzy siedzą i podzielają opinie ze mną i faktycznymi zmianami. I dindt good think in English. When i thats think i bay a new salvatore tzn rower.

omiast przyszła matka, która

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omiast przyszła matka, która jak zarobić przez internet. prowadzi własną działalność lub pracuje jako wolny strzelec, ma trudnej. Nawet jeśli powinna prowadzić oszczędny tryb życia, pracuje w domu przy komputerze, co sprawia, że trudniej jest się jej zdystansować i zrelaksować. Nie może pozwolić sobie na płatne wolne, a nierzadko nie może lub nie chce w ogóle brać wolnego. O ile tuż po porodzie nie sposób pracować, o tyle do samego porodu i zaraz po połogu można.
Jest to niekorzystne, bowiem w tym czasie cała uwaga matki powinna być skupiona na dziecku. Naraża ona siebie i malucha na niepotrzebny stres. Długie godziny spędzane w jak zarobić przez internet pozycji siedzącej źle wpływają na krążenie w dolnych partiach ciała, a także mogą powodować ucisk żyły głównej dolnej i prowadzić do zmniejszenia podaży tlenu do łożyska. W skalniaki takiej sytuacji, aby nie stracić zleceniodawców, n

DrupalCamp finally come to

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DrupalCamp finally come to the Himalayas. The first ever camp is being organised on the 19th October at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.

The event is being organised to spread awareness about Open Source technologies and Drupal in particular. There will be couple of introductory sessions in first half which will be followed by quiz competition and community mixer.

In the evening we have planned an overnight Drupal.org code contribution session. If some of the participants are upto it, then 20th could be well spent trekking to Triund.

It is a great opportunity for nature loving techies to meet community members and contribute actively in promoting Drupal amongst the local community in Dharamshala. Who knows, maybe the next set of core contributors come from this town.

For more information visit us on http://drupalcampdharamshala.org/

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