Free Ideas: Paper clip guy for your bash CLI

Warning for Non-nerds: you are not required to read this blog post.

I was chatting Barry Jaspan this morning about how he switched from tcsh to bash after 22 years!  It turns out the features he stayed with tcsh for had been available in bash for years.  He just didn't know how to use them, or didn't know they existed and couldn't be bothered to learn.  This is very typical.  I work at about 75% or less efficiency on the command line (something I often spend 1/4-/1/2 my day doing).  It's hard to try and figure out what tools you need to be a little more efficient and have a more pleasurable command line experience.  And then retaining that knowledge (especially for the more arcane ones) is a difficult task.

So what about:

A M$ Office paper clip dude for your terminal

You've retyped something 5 times he pops up with "Do you want me to show you how to create an alias?"

but make it a really geeky and pretentious fat linux dude w/ a beard

like "You obviously can't RTFman! You don't know about {,shell expansion} or do you just like to waste time?"



Whattya think?  Should we do it?




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Haha! That is exactly what I need for my terminal. I think its a seller!

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