The future of multimedia in D7 or "You don't want me to kill the monkey do you?"

Hey folks,

Did you know that Drupal 7 will have a amazing multimedia capabilities due in large part to the Media module?

Hi, my name is Jacob Singh.

You may remember me from such kick-ass projects as Acquia Search (ApacheSolr), Drupal Gardens or GUI updates in core.  You may also just be dying to know what's going to happen to the monkey.  Either way, I'm here to tell you about what I've been up to along with many of my colleagues and Drupal buddies.

The Media module provides a rich interface for:

  • Managing files
  • Uploading new files or adding them from the internets
  • Browsing existing files
  • Embedding files in WYSIWYG editors
  • Adding fields and meta-data to files
  • Generally making Drupal suck less when it comes to files.

But don't take my word for it, watch me stumble through this demo (about 5 min of fast paced monkey-on-baby action)

and then vote for my media session at Drupalcon

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I watched the video.

Heather's picture

I watched the video.

OK, I was worried there for a second.

I still want specific fields, so I could have on a node: Banner image field, or other image fields, perhaps even like the multi-group, etc. Then you can have formats automatically selected. If you use the WYSIWYG dynamic selection of image format you lose control a bit.

But I think you explained at the end this isn't going away.