Hi everyone,

Vinitika gave birth to our daughter yesterday in the afternoon after a short labor.  Everyone is healthy and fine; she's a big girl - curly black locks, a sideways smile and 5 chins.  My personal absolutely perfect and the rest of the world just faded completely out of focus.  The first night she slept in my arms (well, when we slept), and it was the best night of my life.  I have the feeling that every day with her will be the best day of my life from now on.

Here are some pictures




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A big congrats to your family! , am a father of 1 year old and know the feeling. It only gets better

Just found you by chance, am hungry to work with drupal and hungry to learn to work with it well . Have moved back from US after few years with IBM. wonder if you offer any workshop or coaching to willing



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She looks so cute! That's so nice for you. Best, /Johs from Copenhagen


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So very glad to hear the good news and see you so happy, Jacob. Michelle joins me in congratulating you and Vini.


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Many many congratulations Jacob.

Good wishes for your fatherhood. :)

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