Mediacrity 50% complete

I got a little time off from "normal" sprint work since Acquia is beginning a new sprint and my baby is supposed to arrive any day now :)

So being the manic workaholic that I am, I  made some major improvements to the Media module in the past few days.  To name a few:

  • Re-wrote the browser to be more "drupally" I think it's a good compromise of convention and flexibility.  Let's see...
  • Implemented the Entity Api and type restrictions (so launch a browser to just select images)
  • Got Media as a field working really nicely, got multi-value field support
  • Added a title and data field to the media field so that extending modules can chuck on extra information there.  Sweet! No issue for this, just a bonus.
  • Built the media_gallery module.  This is a new entity called gallery with 2 fields: Title and Media Items.  Media items is a multi-value media field with a description and link for each item.  Next step is to build the display mechanism for it.  I will be posting a video for this soon!
  • Kicked the shit out of cruft
  • Build a bulk importer which is awesome for testing, and fun for making albums:
  • Created a testbed interface for trying out different launch parameters.
  • Dynamic AJAX Scrolling for the library!

I promise, a more engaging demo is coming soon(ish) depending on how long I stay on this roll and when I become a parent. 

Media demo



Thanks & Congrats

MacRonin's picture

Just saying Thank You for your work on the Media module. From what I've seen so far it looks like it will definitely make supporting mixed media on Drupal sites much simpler.

And Congrats on becoming a Dad. Stock-up on sleep now, you won't be getting much when the baby is first born ;-)


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Is it possible to grab the image's EXIF data, and auto-fill specific fields associated with the image?

meta-data in the media file

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Hi Sam,

I suggest you hop on #drupal-media sometimes and discuss this.  We certainly want to provide this type of functionality.  I'm not sure what shape it will take.  Since the fields you can put on media are arbitrary (i.e. we're not going to create 500 fields for every piece of possible meta-data on install), my guess is it will look something like this:

1. You create fields for the meta-data you will want to track.

2. An add on module (like media_metadata or media_fileinfo or something) will allow you to MAP certain fields (Drupal 7's CCK) that you created to meta data available in the file.  Whenever a file is added or edited, (hook_file_insert and update) we will re-map this stuff.

That's just conjecture.  It would be great if you or a developer you know could start this effort.

Another option is to simply grab all metadata via the id3lib library or something and chuck it in another DB table. It's not as integrated in terms of what you can do with it, but it is easier to manage and as long as you aren't trying to build a list of media where you can sort by or view a particular piece of meta data, should be performant enough.


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