Review: Sequel Pro

I've been using PhpMyAdmin since I switched to a Linux desktop about 7 years ago.  Before that I was a big fan of Mascon for windows.

I'm not sure why I tolerated the lousy web interface of PhpMyAdmin for so long.  Fully aware there were more usable solutions out there.  I guess it's just a case of "whatever, I don't use it that much".  But I think a good DB browser can really improve workflow in some situations.  Now that I'm a sellout and use a mac, I was expecting to spend $30 for some silly GUI app, but was pleasantly surprised to find SequelPro.


Sequel Pro


Nice right?  And it is really easy to use.  I can edit data, it's got a SQL editor that is smooth to work with and a table designer with all the fixins.  Supports local and remote DBs as well.

While I still support phpMyAdmin (as a stalwart x-platform FOSS citizen) this one is just too easy to use and pretty (and also Free software).

Check it out!