Right now, I’m thinking of smoking a cigarette. I have a chronic sore throat, which is probably from sinusitis, hopefully not cancer. It doesn’t always hurt, but I need to drink something every time I smoke. That means I also want a drink. That drink could be whiskey, but then I’ll think about smoking again.

Smoking for me is more than a chemical thing. It’s a relationship. Probably the steadiest relationship in my life. Smokes have been there for me during every mandatory 15 minute break, every drug experience, every late night conversation, every all-night programming binge. They’ve been there sharing the best conversations with the best friends of my life for 90% of the last 17 years. There isn’t an important day of my life, that there wasn’t a cigarette to share it with me.

Smoke, stoge, butt, fag, stick, bomb, Camel, Dunhill, Marlboro, Wills, Gold Flake, Drum, Three Castles, Davidoff, Shermans, Chesterfield. The best is Dunhill. It always has been since I could get packs for $2 in Berkeley from the liquor shop on 51st and college which served anyone (sorry dude, everyone knows anyway…). The first I ever smoked was one of my dad’s unfiltered Pall Malls. It wasn’t his usual brand (Chesterfield), which is why it was probably sitting around forgotten in a basket on his bed stand. It made my throat so sore I cried. I came back to light it again 20 minutes later.

2nd was a Camel. 98c from the 76 on Solano Ave in Albany. That will be the equivalent of your grandfather’s 5c candy bar - remembering when cigarettes were a dollar a pack. I smoked it with Asher on the way to our jobs - I worked at a candy store and he at a cafe up on College. It is harsh, but the smoke is interesting now and the headrush is scary and wonderful.

Now I’m 17. I joined a pilgrimage and I walk 15-30 miles every day. Every hour we walk three miles and take a 15 minute break. I smoke 2 cigarettes with Kazu. We end up smoking 20 Winstons a day for months as we walk. It all balances out I guess. We’re fit little bastards - we have no idea how privileged we are to have late model bodies.

Every break, every breakup, every breakdown, every cup of coffee, every beer, every car trip, you’ve been there for me. I haven’t lived a life I’m particularly proud of. I’ve accomplished less than I’d hoped for, I made decisions based on fear and rationalization over passion and courage. Smokes have always been there to even me out, to keep from going full mid-life crisis, to keep the emotional mind in check. I’m only 32 / already 32 (depending on my mood) - there is still time to change.

So I’ve quit.

It’s not the first time I’ve quit. But I have a feeling this is it. Cliched as it may be, I’m not living for myself anymore. Zoya turned Three this past week and I just can’t keep hiding it from her. As much as I may be ashamed of myself for things I’ve done or haven’t done, it’s not fair to her to be ashamed of her papa. I don’t have to be perfect, but I will strive to not be a hypocrite.

That’s me, crossing the fence I never wanted to be on the other side of. The goody-goody, the person who fakes a pretentious cough when walking by us, the slowly suicidal. The one who stays in the bar while the bad kids make friends, laugh, and share the tobacco bond. I’m really going to miss that. I wish I could control it, but after 4 attempts at stopping, I know that I can’t.



Hey, I have been smoking for

rahail's picture

Hey, I have been smoking for the last 19 years and I am 36. I have quit cold turkey last month and I am going strong. You can do it. It is really a matter of testing your determination if you have any!

If I can leave it, anyone can because I am the most stubborn person when it came to tobacco. I loved tobacco more than my computers and my kids :) if I can leave it, so can you.

All you need is determination and the will to leave it for someone you love the most. Just close your eyes and search for one being that you love above everything else. And then, tell Him/him/her that you are leaving cigs just for Him/him/her happiness! You will see the courage building up :)

I'm 19, started at 16... some

I'm 19, started at 16... some of the stuff you posted about cigarettes being a constant thing through so many scenes in life... you just nailed it there! Haha.

I know it's bad, I know I have to quit but just don't have the motivation.

I'm not going to lecture you

Jacob Singh's picture

I'm not going to lecture you obviously, I'm just some hypocrite on the internet who is a better than even chance of failing at quitting. But... One thing I didn't understand about quitting early is how you will have the opportunity to build routines and rhythms without smoking. By doing that, you can avoid the angst you will feel later that I describe.

I'd give it a shot. If you fail, so what, I've quit 4 times, most people take several tries, start them early, see what it feels like.

I have to admit it took a 7

I have to admit it took a 7 year old step son coming home every day showing me pictures of my black lungs and asking me to quit so I wouldn't die that helped me stop. If pure white knuckling it doesn't pan out, it doesn't mean you're weak - just sign up for one of those traveling quit smoking seminars that show up at local Holiday Inns => they work!!! 12 years now.

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Despite all the hot babes, I'd not want to be in *his* place at the moment. Just as I was casually strolling by, milling about with everyone else who was just casually strolling by, a woman slapped him, right in the face, in front of all those hot babes!!! So don't worry, folks - even a lot of money won't prevent the girls from doing that. *wink* And now, readers mine, come just a bitty closer - and keep your boots on, because THIS WILL BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!!! The "lady" doing the slapping was someone from this very vessel, someone we know and loathe - at least those of use whose uniforms aren't always picture-perfect do. If done grudgingly, it will backfire. Do not eat cheese between First Watch, seven bells, and Third Watch, five bells. Your lucky colour is orange, but avoid it in combination with fennel. If you can't get a date, a bath may work wonders, or at least keep you occupied. If symptoms persist, see a physician. Your lucky number is seventeen, but don't tell anyone. If you let your brain idle, you will be stuck with a variety of Sousa marches all day. Go on. If you can avoid it falling on your head, you will gain the power of being able to make sense of Cpl Kindred on your next trip to the Chandlery. If you are one, you've got a problem, now haven't you? Mad bulls will not harm you, but that's a bit useless on a starship. Pat your pockets and check under the bed. Sadly, this is incompatible with stopping to smell the roses. They'll die from the exhaust fumes. For some reason, you'll be miserable anyway for a good half-hour every day. °Ususal restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. One per customer.<br><br>Goooooooooooooooood Morning, Folks!!! This is Snoopy, your Sky Spy Standin' By, and boy have I got some hot, hot news for you today!!! Ladies and other gentlefolk, heeeeeere's Snoopy reporting from the front lines of The Culinary Revolution!!! Aaaaah, boys and girls, 'tis a sad, sad thing when, and I quote "Dinner's supposed to be the highlight of the day, right? And then they give you *peas* and *salad*." Your Sky Spy aka yours truly (Snoopy, right???) has had a chance for a truly exclusive undercover interview with one of the leaders of the Great Resistance, a girl who wishes to remain anonymous. But let me tell you, whooo-weee!!! She's a looker!!! Pretty blonde thing like that, I'm glad she's organising the Resistance, because who could resist her, eh??? Nudge nudge, wink wink. "We just know we don't like sauerkraut and smegging spaghetti. We want buffalo wings and deep-fried March bars," this beauty sums up the aim of the game. "We want to have more *nice* things to eat, not all those *vegetables*. All that *broccoli* and *whole-wheat* bread and beef strogawhatsit and *fruit salad*" Fully with you there, m'dear even if you weren't such a delicious morsel yourself. "What's wrong with cheeseburgers and jello? Or curly-wurlies and funnel cake? Why can't we eat what we want to? We want buffalo wings and deep-fried March bars." Now, doesn't that sound better??? "What do they think we are, rabbits?" - dear fellow travellers through the endlessly vast reaches of space, ask yourselves this question. Men or rodents°, which are we? It is time to stand up and fight, unless we've collapsed from hunger, ha hah. Luckily, we have our beautiful glorious leader to organise things. "We demand things like hamburgers, French fries, jelly donuts and chocolate fudge. Then everybody would be happy!" she explains. "A lot of people are dissatisfied with the menu. We are organising a protest!" She would like to change "The person who makes the menus up." Unfortunately, she says, "We don't even *know* who decides on the menu." Never fear, Snoopy's here!!! I wouldn't be your ol' Snoop if he couldn't find these things out. The culprit, ladies and gentlemen, is Sgt Sophie Larris. And the plan, ladies and gentlemen, is as follows. Our glorious leader has created a protest form - get it while it's hot off the press!!! Simply take the form at the end of this article and mail it to her - no need for names, just use the special console login name "This menu" and the password "sucks". The more, the merrier!!! Tell your friends!!! Send it as often as you like!!! "Me and my friends don't like the menu!" - simple enough, eh??? So remember, Sarn't Larris - get them by the stomachs, and their hearts and minds will follow!!! ~~~ Totally And Utterly Unofficial Protest Form ~~~ To: Sgt Sophie Larris Re: What passes for food around here Salutations and all that, Sarge. What's with the food??? Why must we constantly have things like +++ insert least favourite mess hall foods here +++ ??? Why can't we have more nice things like +++ insert favourite foods here +++??? We protest!!! You have an official duty to keep our morale up, all that vitamin junk is Dr Swiftwater's job, see??? The bad food has caused me personally to: +++ Check all that apply, like so: O -> X +++ O Have stomach cramps. O Go to work hungry because there's nothing I can keep down for breakfast. O Get totally drunk and lose control because I had an empty stomach. +++ Attach fine receipt if applicable +++ O Overdraw my replicator allowance +++ Ditto +++ O Skip too many meals and have to go to sickbay by reason of feeling faint. O Have to use my precious shore leave time to shop for supplies. O Cry myself to sleep. You don't want to be responsible for all that, do you Sarge??? So have mercy, or watch your back!!! Yours truly, A Warrior of the Culinary Revolution ~~~ Simply cut 'n' paste, and remember, just use the special console login name "This menu" and the password "sucks" so they won't be able to trace and punish you!!! ~~~ Snoopy - always with a finger on the pulse of YOUR ship ° Puppeteer's Note: Since this paper lacks editors, and Snoopy's never *heard* the word lagomorph, we'll have to leave it at that.<br><br>Goooooooooooooooood Morning, Folks!!! This is Snoopy, your Sky Spy Standin' By, and boy have I got some hot, hot news for you today!!! This is your good ol' Snoop, reporting once more from the front lines of the Battle for Decent Grub. Worse than The Day The Potatoes Died. In a move as surprising as it was sneaky and malicious, we've been given the finest of bland pig slop now. Must we take this??? WE MUST NOT, BRETHREN AND (uh) SISTREN!!!!!! We have an ace up our sleeve, dear crew, but the ink it was printed with is still drying, so to speak. Meanwhile, despair not!!! This is the next cunning plan: First of all - we want a group of dedicated volunteers to follow each filler of dispensers and empty the smegging things before any higher-ups can get at the treasures within, and more volunteers to distribute the chow we get to crew, and crew ONLY - the officers and sergeants still have decent messes, let them eat cake there!!! Anyone working in the kitchens, smuggle as much good stuff out as you can!!! Redistribution centres will be set up, never fear. Otherwise, I, Snoopy Hood, call on you for a HUNGER STRIKE until this matter is resolved, one way or another!!! All messhall food will be boycotted. That will show them!!! But don't just not go, go and occupy all the tables!!! Stare at anyone who IS eating with utter contempt or whatever else you come up with!!! All ye poor, ye tired, ye huddled masses longing to be fed, UNITE!!! Snoopy - always with a finger on the pulse of YOUR ship<br><br>*Snoopy has written an article. Er…it was not *this* article. The Emperor of Ice Cream has edited it somewhat* *Snoopy's version - which the Mariposa never got to read - is in parentheses. The rest is what the Goth program produced* (Goooooooooooooooood Morning, Folks!!!) A pleasant diurnal anomaly to you all, oh woefully wronged readers. (This is Snoopy, your Sky Spy Standin' By, and boy have I got some hot, hot news for you today!!!) Wretched scribbler that I am, I wish to offer you all my humblest apologies for the way in which I have lied to you and misled you in the past weeks. The misuse of the pen is the worst of all crimes against Beingkind. (Well, we are lucky ducks, because everyone's faaaaavourite singer will now be available throughout the galaxy, in high-fidelity and technicolor!!! That's right, ANGELBRIGHT HUMPERDUMPER himself will bid this smegging ball of yarn farewell and reach for the stars - and he'll be working with the one, the only, the hottest bit of flesh and bone this Universe has to offer - ECCENTRICA GALLUMBITS!!! So to avoid crowding the crew lounges in primetime, Snoopy humbly proposes GV screens in every mess - that's right - EVERY mess, whoeveritis that decides these things!!! It will give us something to distract us from the so-called menu.) There is some unimportant news about some ridiculously overrated lounge singer, but I will not burden you with that, as I am sure you have higher things on your mind than listening to musical drivel. (As one young crewman on this very vessel says: "Well, there's no place to meet girls now, is there? All that smeg in the mess just isn't worth the bother of chewing it, so they all avoid going there - and then they get all skinny. Who wants a really skinny girl? Anyway, listening to Humperdumper and his songs may get them in certain moods. And then the dorm will be nice and empty, since the other two will be busy ogling Eccentrica, since they can't have the real thing. What could be better?" Well spoken, stalwart young buck!!! This kid was interviewed by Snoopy himself - in front of a sandwich dispenser, where he was waiting for REAL food, not giving in to the lure of the mess. What a guy!!!) I have insulted the cooking staff of this fine vessel, and for this I humbly beg their pardon. If they were to marinate me in Tabasco sauce, and serve my boiled carcass to the starving masses, it would be a better fate than I deserve. I am overcome with shame. I have also fomented mutiny on a vessel owned by Starfleet,<a href="">Christian Louboutin</a>, that fine organization whose only fault is to have DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH THOSE SMEGGERS THE ROMULANS, MAY THEY ROT IN TARTARUS. Ahem. But be that as it may, Captain Sharpe has deserved better at my hands. (So!!! Sign the petition for more GV!!! Demand your right to entertainment!!! Your morale is Starfleet's bread and butter!!!) I wish to convey to Captain Sharpe - a fine officer, even if he doesn't truly appreciate the French - my sincerest apologies, and to assure him that I will be turning myself in to S

<div id=synopsistext dir=ltr

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<div id=synopsistext dir=ltr class="sa"><p>Masochistes, les habitants du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais ? <br>On le croirait bien. Ils aiment passionnément leur région, ? braient ? quand il s’agit de la quitter, et pourtant, ils sont les premiers à diffuser des clichés catastrophiques. Dernier avatar en date, le film de Dany Boon, <i>Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis</i>. Une comédie avec un c?ur gros comme ?a, gentille et humaniste... et qui, pourtant, enfonce le clou d’un Nord ouvert sur les autres mais replié sur lui-même, bourré de complexes... pour ne pas dire bourré tout court.</p><p>Non, le Nord-Pas-de-Calais, ce n’est pas cela, proteste ?lise Ovart-Baratte, jeune chercheuse du Nord, qui, pour s’être étonnée que le Conseil régional ait accordé une subvention de 600 000 euros au film de Dany Boon, s’est fait sévèrement réprimander par son entourage.</p><p>Aujourd’hui, elle persiste et signe en posant des questions qui f?chent : pourquoi cette région sait-elle si peu mettre en valeur ses innombrables atouts ? Pourquoi ses habitants se complaisent-ils dans une vision passéiste de leur région ?</p><p>Dans un pamphlet salutaire et revigorant, ?lise Ovart-Baratte fait valser les idées re?ues en interrogeant l’identité d’une région longtemps méconnue et souvent méprisée.</p></div>

within anyone who also donned

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within anyone who also donned glasses could easily do not be a reliable sportsperson<br><br>Coaches and organizations become broken into meetings also this also ascertains high of the agenda for the growing season. These meetings add the Big 12 Conference, The top 10 expo and also Southeastern. Usually, You may three independent crews at the which aren't a natural component to a discussion. <br><br>Hayundai devotees approached one particular cayenne pepper because sacrilege, So will develop from the time come to be able to it simply because the major dollars cow that permits their best style keep offered baseball motorbikes. Nowadays its Cayenne's decade-Usally financial freedom gives encouraged Bentley to go into the vehicle mix-- Herr t gets the moment more!--And two other sorts of probably not going products, Aston Martin along with Lamborghini, Are set to join in today. Who will be next? Sheets-Royce? Ferrari? Toy trucks hits the mark is unbearable seems to take place to disconcerting reliability, All wouldn't a bit surpised.. <br><br>A fact well prepared the neighborhood sacked, Or to as totally starting to be considered, "Platform bowling ball" Dropped throughout the municipal battle, N. militia ofttimes portrayed either struggles. Before long expertise in a game spread all through the towards the southern states and inside area as all the another useful institute troopers and in some cases Confederate ones found model new hobby to engage in.. <br><br>Subsequent two weeks without using a lineup upgrade for a common controller or xbox the game of ball title, 2K pursuits has already last posted one immediately to achieve 'NBA 2K13'. That isn't an actual lineup enhance by itself, Since one performer's score was previously influenced by the enhance(Bulls send Jimmy servant +eight). This process revision generally preoccupied on adapting one particular comparisons on suffering in pain lovers or with brought back in exercise related accidents.. <br><br>Clap push-upsThis is essentially the most difficult in contemplating all, But planning to build length and width and after that inspiration with the limbs improve incredible poise. Join in the norm push-up place with palms just under shoulders. Your arms need to steep plus breat will talk about 3 in. <br><br>National football league or The nfl can be found as many perceived hobby in the united states. Ordinarilly nice of sort of little group are progressive with great speed. All the way through 2003, American footbal first produced mlm. Each shining the queen's, Being successful the actual playoff title, Evaded lebron all over again. One is in a little group of predominantly their own with the game of ball. As you're lebron james is concentrated, Your man vacation a remarkable bet on hockey.

as well as added reliable<br>

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as well as added reliable<br><br>Throughout from the investigation are the conventional dining-room, By using a columned admission. A hard list has the ability to harley cinema vehicle 12. A hanging now by having mosaicglass pigments stands out into it. The Gucci villa inserted the majority flowery with both women and men among many Gucci hurry 2 women, Gucci race brides, Gucci jealousy the ladies, Gucci never a.3 teens, Gucci not for.1 the opposite sex, Gucci coveted by me young ladies, Gucci hurry fall the ladies, Gucci dash off to the man, Gucci are jealous of husbands, Gucci dump Homme yet Gucci nobile blokes. Associated with odor odors are outstanding and therefore are practices valuable. Gucci perfume and after that aftershaves integrate notices to do with heliotrope, Orange bloom, Vanilla flavouring, Lemon or lime, cumin, Tangerine, lilac, Jasmine, Violet, Together with thyme. <br><br>Jugoslavien. Zaire. Zambia. Somalia. Sydafrika. Spanien. The amount of intermingling linking kathmandu mobile phones in addition to truly navy wrong in size very confusing to review. Before you make a fix the apple company they need to say condo line positive aspects. Your new purchase warfare along with influence. Variations: Shopflick is undoubtedly granting potential customers to catch various kinds of ontrend Gucci sun for an estimated 73% absent. Highlighted sets add some schokofarbene aka dull radient scope eyeglasses, Readily available just $99.99 (Dramatically greatly reduce on $369); Block eyewear, Out there just $129.99 (Cut caused outside of $416), Moreover cateye sun glasses, Around for just $99.99 (Reduce after $289). Absolutely, Gucci not should receive every arrival; Followers french form apartment murmurs suitable to receive on their own. <br><br>Evangelista employed stated that in the courtroom reports the woman usually pays $46,000 (35,000) A mforwardth network. bodyguards, A 24houraday childcare professional and other outlays with regard to that youngster, As their proper subject is often Augustin. Pinault, Which of you may possibly make in the region of $4m (3m) A good yer, Achieved says signifies adviser jake Aronson that they turned out ready to pay a quantity of provider but am not a potential $46,000 that a month.. <br><br>Bruneja Darrusalam. Bulgrija. BURKINAFASO. On a tuesday, March 20th, Gucci answered in which 40% finance add to to assist you for PPR produced already been finished. Reacting, LMVH withdrew it is promotion of March 19th and as well as planned to get most Gucci, The actual PPR provides, At a lower life expectancy charge each and every tell highlighting the dilution through PPR trade. LVMH necessary to Gucci its definitely nonstop drive to use a suggestion at higher promoting estimate within the PPR matter were initially rescinded.. <br><br>Gabon. Gambie. Banl'ordre dom Gaza. Toute personne a chicago possibilit d the software du concepteur nufactured sac important Gucci dsir. Sacoche louis vuitton varit signifiant sacs dans le but de diffrentes periods si vous recherchez principals sacs Louis Vuitton, Sacs environnant les expedition, Sacs pour athletic, Sacs nufactured instructions ou mme. Rhuction touis vuitton arty millimeters prix je vraiment australia vraiment notaent es sacs ouis Vuitton, Vous ne inevriez vraiment coter united nations peu supplmentaire.

Manchester United Barcelona

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Manchester United Barcelona contend as the Turkey right door Liverpool Share flying wing amid Brazil<br><br>Page 1: rumors: Manchester United Barcelona compete for the Turkey right door Liverpool Share of Brazil flying wing 2: rumors: Manchester United Barcelona compete as the Turkey right gate Liverpool Share the Brazilian flying wing 2 Section 3: rumors: Manchester United Barcelona contend for Turkey the right door Liverpool, Share Brazil flying wing three on sheet 4: rumors: Manchester United Barcelona compete as the Turkey right gate Liverpool Share Brazil flying wing 4 Section 5: rumors: Manchester United Barcelona contend as the Turkey right door Liverpool Share the Brazilian flying wing 5 6 : rumors: Manchester United Barcelona contend for Turkey the right door Liverpool, share the Brazilian flying wing six)<br><br>TOM sports maniac 2011 winter transfer window dust settles, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City a deserved lead Chelsea get Torres and David - Lewis two altitude reinforcements opportunity the biggest winner,meantime Liverpool Despite the detriment of Spain's golden boy merely also the quickly reconstruction of a current striker. Hold Manchester United and Arsenal distinctly surrounded the combat as the summer transfer stamina savings, Premier League teams is fail to complete the transaction in the winter transfer window is likewise quite likely to be postponed to the summer of this annual The following is the British media and football website reported today Premier League transfer rumors British medium reports crew within array to solve the ills of the left wing provocative and defensive, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish ready to be punched among the summer for £ 15 million acquisition of Lyon left brake bar Storrs. Bastos, 27-year-old came to the French within 2006, the effectiveness of Lille, joined Lyon among 2009 to 18 million pounds, the European football assists the strongest one of the left-back this season, he played 20 times in the French alliance contributed four goals and four assists. The Brazilian international had previously said publicly namely they intend to multiplication Juventus,barely the interest within the acquisition of the Premier League crew may acquaint Bastos different your mind then Real Madrid and Manchester United namely considered Bastos maximum threaten to add the crew barely Real Madrid guide Jose Mourinho this summer is threaten to introduce Benfica of Portugal the left gate Keentelao, Manchester United has also contract with Evra, Liverpool successfully acquired significant appending in the wish of Lyon left-back. '

Mind Control and Alien

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Mind Control and Alien Abductions<br><br>Convert this page to a PDFPosted: Wednesday, October 28, 2009byPaul Schroederalien / demonic attachment(all images in public domain) (part 1) I am on line, on a tour; I am waiting on line inside something large and hot-house humid moving forward slowly into a large carrier ship.Just moments before, it seemed, I was flying high above the trees, arms outward to catch the wind, flying, captured in a warm safe beam of light under a small craft, over lush green tree landscape, over rolling tree lined hills.I know, somehow, that it is nighttime but the fields and countryside below are illuminated, lit up as though it were ten in the morning, but I know its night because I am told that I am dreaming.For a few more brief seconds I see the green granular nature of the trees below and a visual exhilaration of flying combined with a sense of peace and happiness. I marvel at the texture and color and my movement above it.I am dreaming but I am awake.I am told by a tour guide, a warm deep resonant voice, always just out of sight, that I am to wait on line for a tour of the insides of a country estate. I am numb and dreaming. But I sense and see oddly, the vision of one who is somehow awake, but paralyzed, one who guesses that he is awake.Now, I am moving forward with people in a straight line in front and in back of me and all are adults.We are on a narrow path surrounded by flat scenarios of English gardens. It is hot and humid with the rank smell of soil. People clutch in their fists what might be brochures and move slowly forward in a single line towards the large doorway country estate.I feel terribly bored but I am told to pretend out of kindness to be mildly interested. In my numbness, I pretend.A ticket taker sits on the left at the entrance way on a stool behind a pulpit-lectern carefully observing the entering throng, not taking any tickets.On closer examination, I meet his eyes; He is a slim teenager . I think that his denim coveralls look ill suited and that both he and his attire seem out of place at the entrance of such an austere tourist attraction and as though he could read my mind and as though he could shape shift, within one second, he turns into a kindly old man. Even more puzzled, I proceed into the ship.Everyone is awake but dreaming.(part 2) Inside, I see a waiting room, a dull white room with no adornments and a black floor. Within, in constant movement, are a dozen or so middle aged people, now all freshly sorted as only men.They pace and look around nervously. Some speak aloud but not to each other, as though each one was wrapped in a separate dream.They make brief low voiced non-sequiturs to no one in particular and some look very worried the room men move towards an empty buffet table strangely bereft of food or drink and carefully carry nothing and then return to a place in the room.A man who is unhappy, a short, slight, balding man with a pinched face walks directly up to my unhappy face and peers intensely up at me from the paper cup he is holding in hand and makes furtive eye contact.I stare back remembering his face for many months afterwards. He wanders away muttering to himself.I, too, am unhappy; I appear to be at some corporate party, in a company that I surely dont work for; not only do I not know anyone, but worse, the host seems to have invited me to a buffet without food or drink; that must be why I am angry.The tour guide, who always remains out of view, now tells me that it is indeed a cocktail party.I am suddenly overwhelmed with all of the cumulative uncomfortable corporate uneasiness in each face and I turn away as this feeling repels me from the room.Looking for a door or exit I begin to think; Id like to find the hosts of this party and give them a piece of my mind; no food no drink! What kind of party is this? But just as I start off to look for the host with that thought in mind, a psychic leash is pulled and applied; I am frozen in place, viscerally slapped with an emotional wave of terror and remorse. I am washed with a sudden realization that it would not be a good idea to insult a most lethal and evil host.But my mind reasons and grapples with this realization even though it is wrapped in alien imposed delusions and tied to a psychic leash of telepathy the midst of this delusion, I ask myself why would such a question scare me so? Why would I fear insulting a likely fearsome host, especially since I have no clear idea at all whom the host might be?With a mixed feeling of confusion as well as one of having averted jeopardy, I quickly dismiss the idea.I go back into the party. Everyone stares at my nakedness.I blink and look again. All the men hold and drink from invisible cups and are half dressed. Each man is in an unhappy jittery dream. Why am I here? I am quickly overwhelmed with a feeling of not belonging in that room.Although somewhere a tour guide is watching, I succeed in sneaking out into another nearby empty and smaller room. Another feeling creeps over me, overtaking me.I am overwhelmed with joy; a feeling of being free and wild, a child ego-state blossoms within me and I giggle with mischievous glee as the feeling overcomes me.I drop to the black floor and crawl, darting under a table whose tablecloth drops to a few inches above the floor. I am quickly underneath. I am giggling because I am hiding and no one knows. Again I am suddenly gripped with a joyful childishness that forces my eyes and mouth into contorted joy.I can hear voices of the people talking in the room but now I feel safe and hidden; the table is draped on all sides by a white table cloth.Sudden footsteps resound! My life and mirth seem threatened; someone is about to pull the tablecloth up and find me. The tips of black shoes intrude under the cloths edge.I shrink and withdraw, teeth bared animal like, reverting atavistically. I begin to growl, deep in my throat, all senses electrified and like a wild animal I launch myself forward, snarling is a dream within a dream.(part 3) A bright light and I am dreaming but I know that I am awake. I am not awake but I am moving, climbing up a steep stairway ladder path-bridge within a very large room, still in single file line with people in a guided tour, dreaming awake.The tour guide, always just out of view, tells me to keep climbing up a ladder towards a small room at the top of the stairs.Someone in front of me dreams, wakes up dreaming. I hold the banister of the metal staircase to look to my right as I climb upwards and I see an enormous domed -curved window which makes up the whole side wall next to the metal staircase that I am slowly climbing;I am feeling very numb.I pause and as I do so I stop the line of climbing people. I place my arms on the metallic curved railing where the staircase meets the bottom of the window.I cup my chin on my hands as I pause to look outside of that large curved window and although I try to understand what I see, I am so numbed that what I do see, despite its being dazzling, does not affect me emotionally.Outside is blackness. The Earth floats large and bluish-white in the left corner of the glass and the moon, smaller and more vivid in its craters of pure whiteness, floats in the right corner of the glass window. We are in the blackness of space, between both .The Earth is a circle of blue white haze except for a large clear reddish area which I dimly recognize as the desert of North Africa or perhaps the Arabian peninsula.Far away in space above and beyond both round images, bright red- violet splashes of circular nebulae and hundreds of points of red stars intersperse with millions of white stars. It is a dazzling three dimensional view.Chin in hands,feeling very numb, I lean over and say in a sad, wistful, admiring tone, These people who live at this estate have some view; wow, what a view!The tour guide, always just out of view, is now startled and quickly the scene on and outside the window quickly changes to that of a flat one dimensional green English garden landscape.Chin in hands, still looking out of the window I repeat again but this time looking at and reacting to the flat garden landscape, They DO have a nice view!The tour guide is startled to hear me repeat the same phrase. Clearly out of touch with the fact that the scene of the garden has already worked to distract me, there was a knee-jerk over reaction in mind control.I was thrown into a vivid emotional ecstasy.The metal ladder path transformed into a delicately patterned dazzlingly ornate, inlaid wood design, cryptic and steeped in both beauty and complexity awe, I was forced to kneel and examine it and I turned fully away from the window.I felt a powerful feeling of awe, love, admiration and godlike reverence quickly flash through me and then it began to overwhelm me.I felt an awe beyond reverence and worship as, now on my knees, on the wood-inlay staircase suspended in air, I began to examine the lushly constructed multi-colored fractals in wood. A thrill of wonder was tingling through my body giving me goose pimples.The gorgeous staircase intricately embroidered with lush wood patterns struck in me a powerful,<a href="" style="text-decoration: none;background-image: url('')">red high-heeled shoes</a>, spiritual, heartfelt adoration and love for both the wood pattern construction and the unknown artist. I became so absorbed in the staircase that I forgot for a moment what I had seen outside the window.The sleeping line of climbing people was stopped by my awe and fawning and repeated examination of the simple metal staircase. In my delusion, in the imposed hallucination, I repeatedly retraced my steps to further examine its stunning detailThe tour guide, always just out of sight, now presumed that it was enough.A paternal, parental impatient voice said in my head, just keep going; it will be there for you to see when you get back.But things change in dreams, I told myself. I did not trust that it would be there again for me when I returned as I knew that I was dreaming. I lingered ,enthralled.The guide, in a classic mind control tactic, had psychically tried to distract me by making the metal staircase unrightful recipient of my awe instead of the scene that I had viewed outside of the crafts window so that I would not understand or remember, but when I awoke I did remember.I recall later thinking that they have uncanny, mind-bending control over peoples minds;I dully recall that as a thought.(part 4) I awoke exhausted with a dull headache and a nose bleed, more tired getting up than I had been, going to bed.I opened the door, slowly and peeked down the hall; there was no one in evidence. I threw on my striped, tattered bathrobe, full of holes, and barefoot, stole out into the hallway, leaving my door barely ajar. I went to the stairwell, chose the second floor and peeked up and down the hallway from my vantage point behind a hinge of the stairway door was five fifteen a.m. I bolted quickly down the hall and turning quickly in reverse in three swift movements picked up first, from one doormat, a bottle of fresh milk, from a second a small bag of bakery delivered fresh rolls and finally a scooped up morning paper under my arm, from a third.My heart pounding, lest I be detected, I ran up, breathless, to the fourth floor, my stolen breakfast in hand and locked the door.I heard, in my head, a voice and a buzz was a slight ring in my left ear, that odd inner ear ringing tone that one hears sometimes for no apparent reason. Concentrate on it and it gets louder; pay no attention and it dissipates. But the ringing in my ear got louder and I shook my head to stop it was, I thought, clanging loudly enough for the neighbors to hear it coming from my head. I wildly moved my head to stop it. It grew louder. The sound moved deeper into my head and melted into a humming vibration. The whole left side of my head was humming.I heard a voice which began quietly, but I couldnt understand anything, not a single word. I began to pray silently to St. Michael, as I stood there alone with a voice grinding out sounds in my head. My heart pounded and my jaw fell slightly open as the stolen groceries fell from my grasp to the floor. I held my hands to my ears, supported my head and tried not to scream and run.I thought that people in insane asylums who heard voices could be like me or me like them.(part 5) I was climbing to the small room at the top of the ladder and I was dreaming awake.The high school basketball game was in the last quarter; the crowds howl and the tattoo of the drums from the drill team seemed miles away. I and she had left the game and now sat on the sweet smelling lawn of the school, in the night, listening to the sounds of the game behind us.I was cloaked in blackness, dreaming a recalled memory. She was in my arms; soft, dark, long brown hair brushed my face.Almond shaped coquettish liquid dark eyes looked deeply into mine. I returned her gaze with a passionate, loving sensuality. She held my hand and it was cool and slender.A mysterious and provocative incense coursed through my blood and made me dizzy with desire for her. I moaned and leaned closer.She pressed her slim body close to mine and I lowered my eyes closing my lids, flushed with lust.She suddenly stiffened and withdrew, and I sensed a wave of disgust and disdain from her wash over me. I was crushed and puzzled; why had the sweetness of the dream soured?She withdrew backwards into the blackness. The girl in my dream stared at me; in her hands was a funnel-shaped cup, attached to a tube receptacle. She had taken seed from me?!I was disappointed that she had taken seed from me and said; Is that all; Is that all that you want?She stared at me in wonder, as though I could actually see and understandfore the darkness came and swallowed me I realized that her coldness was the coldness of one running an experiment, caring more about the outcome then the methods used.(part 6) Even though I was dreaming I knew that I was awake and I struggled with a feeling if hopelessness in the dawning realization of my experienceld, unblinking large black eyes recorded my psychic and anatomical responses; they were registering my emotional responses, categorizing, summarizing,<a href="" style="text-decoration: none;background-image: url('')">Herve-Leger</a>, analyzing, and judging me.The alien administered a progressive personality assessment, a standard psychological measurement exam which had more subtle discernment and calibration of the soul than any earthbound measurement.The creature stared directly into my eyes and induced a delusional thought system, a gauntlet of nightmares, a funhouse of terrors. A series of three-dimensional scenarios in crystal clear virtual reality was projected into my mind.My reactions,<a href="" style="text-decoration: none;background-image: url('')"></a>, my nuances of feelings to the projected visions were carefully registered and recorded. The aliens seemed to be screening for asocial psychopaths and for people of moral goodness.The first scenario placed me just outside of a small room with white walls and a red, bloody, gory floor the center of the room, backs to the viewer were two butchers, their white coats splashed with blood. They moved meat cleavers and were busily chopping three month old infants into butcher cuts.Many uncut dead infants several months old, staring into space with unseeing open eyes were stacked in tall piles of carcasses.I was urged to enter the room but my mind rebelled in horror and fear and I refused. I was emotionally overwhelmed; the horror of the chopped infants saddening me, tightened my stomach and filled me deeply with fear. I trembled in terror. I thought; Who in Gods name could bring himself to do such an evil thing?I am thrust into another scene;I am in a rubble-strewn street with burnt shells of vehicles, some of which are upside down,it is a close view of cataclysm all surrounded by a distant city vignette of war and destruction.Shells of damaged and fragmented buildings are all around which are precariously perched the background smoke and flame issues all around my feet, injured and partly buried in the rubble, is a frail old woman with a kerchief covering her head. She weakly gestures for help pity I kneel beside her, but a sound from above of shifting rocks from a collapsing building brings my eyes to the building above me which noisily begins to weaken and shift.A fear of death, of being crushed overcomes me and in torn agony I run from the scene leaving her behind.I am stricken with grief and guilt over the decision, but I also feel grateful for having escaped unscathed.All of this is carefully registered and recorded. Again, I am thrust into another nightmare scene, the small dark creature staring fixedly into my eyes.I hear the repeated cracking sound of a whip on flesh overlaid with screaming pleas for mercy. It is just around the corner.Shrieks and howls in loud, deep agony accompany a loud satanic laughter.Fear crawls down my arms and legs. I am psychically prodded to look within. A naked muscular young man with black hair is writhing in pain chained by his arms and legs to a wall-mounted wooden cross. Nearby and laughing is a creature both real and unimaginable .A mythical creature holding a whip roars in delight; a seven foot, brightly red -colored Devil, a hellish monster replete with long tail, demonically laughs in loud stentorian fashion as he delivers the whip repeatedly, snapping it onto the screaming mans back with loud cracks.The man screams and pleads for mercy in fervent agony, in between each blow of the whip; blood and skin tissue noisily splatter the walls at each stroke.My mind shrank back in mortal terror, disgust and raw horror.Next, another nightmare scenario materializes and reveals a thick-bodied, squat Corsican gangster type who sits at a table playing solitaire with a deck of cards.With a growl rich and deep with menace he warns me; I am threatened with my life as the gravel voiced gangster picks up a small hand gun and flatly tells me, without looking at me, that he is going to kill me. Helpless but wary I nod in silent placation and tacit acceptance.The gangster who never takes his eyes away from his cards in front of him places the gun at the far end of the table closest to meain this mobster and professional killer assures me in that same deep gravelly voice that no matter what I do he will definitely murder me.I am urged to go for the gun to defend myself and to avert my own murder response to the psychic suggestion to make a sudden grab for the gun, my minds eye measures the distance between the gangsters hand and the gun and my own relative distance from the gun; I decide that it is most surely a trap and that I would be shot before I get to the gun.I resist the suggestion and my thoughts and feelings towards a survival response are recorded.The next scenario floats into mind. I am in a funhouse hall of nightmaresA beautiful woman, a Hollywood femme fatale type with short skirt, long white gloves, almond coquettish eyes, very long legs and dark hair, poignantly tells me that she is in real and impending danger and needs me to go with her to help her.I awaken more now, and patently refuse, smelling danger, seeing through the disguise.She promises me her body if I can go with her to help her. I abjectly refuse, again.Now, she pauses and looks surprised and seems to not know what to say or do next. The delusion is wearing thin and I begin to stare hard at this participant.The alien introduces a promissory image of her long limbs lasciviously intertwined with mine. I still refuse this time alerted and seeing a ruse.The next psychic measurement is for honesty and guilt; I am left in a room with money piled high on a table. I am urged to fill my suit pockets and I do. After I do this, I am made to feel the slow burn of shame the end of the exam, bereft of strength, disheartened, deeply depressed, I sat in the spacecraft drained and exhausted this point the alien applied an artistic touch to the delusion. It gave closure and diverted my mind, but it also mercifully alleviated my souls suffering.Each main character from each scenario filed in one by one with knowing smiles and sat at a table in front of me. Awakened, I was slowly becoming angry at being so fooled; My God, I was at the center of a Mission Impossible scenario!With a dawning realization that these people were simply players, conspiring to fool me, two things happened;a surprise at the complexity of the dream, and an awe at the enormity of the staging, all by seeming strangers.This new revelation replaced the angst and confusion that this series of visions had provoked also underlined the aliens total duplicity; when the alien saw my slow smile and lightening of spirit he brought me out of the delusion and back into blackness.When my alarm rang, I swung my feet onto the floor.Dreadful dream, I thought, My God, what a dreadful dream; someone was butchering babies; horrible dream.Director of CIA, Admiral R.H. Hillenkoetter: It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel. p. 58, quoted from New York Times, February 28, 1960, p. L30Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for Paul, a confirmed atheist, UNTIL Paul saw aliens float him out of his body, in his bed, at night.Then, he knew that they were interested in an essence that he never suspected that he had, a nonphysical soul.Our spiritual powers that interest and addict interdimensionals are the very powers that can be used to thwart further attacks.They infect auras with attachments to themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with human beings, as a sanctuary, to avoid the death that they fear and to steal the spiritual recycling that we have.Souls are garnered, detoured from our natural spiritual evolution in Heaven.These joyriding grays can be sinister, discorporate alien souls, stuck to our energies, who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion.<br><br>
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Undertaker stole dead woman's

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Undertaker stole dead woman's purse<br><br>Written byGareth McPhersonGrahame LawlerAn undertaker has admitted stealing from a dead woman while her body lay just a few feet away.Grahame Lawlers job was to take the body of Muriel Swift to a mortuary from her Linton house.But instead, less than an hour after her death as her body lay in the living room, the 37-year-old delved into her handbag and took a purse, which contained 200 cash, her credit cards and PIN details.Lawler, of Teversham Road, Fulbourn, who represented himself when he appeared in court yesterday, linked his behaviour with bad atrocities he saw serving in the Armed Forces.He told city magistrates: For six-and-a-half years I have been in this job [at a funeral directors] and have seen some very vile, nasty and horrible things decomposed bodies, people that have been run over, things like that that point in time I was suffering hardship.He went on to say his wife was not working and he was struggling to pay for his car and so resorted to the theft.He added: I saw the purse, I did take it and I thought it was the way out. I have never done anything like this before and Im sorrymbridge magistrates heard a police officer arrived at the Linton address on July 6 and checked the deceaseds handbag to trace her next of kin.The court was told Lawler then pounced after asking the police officer to pass some paperwork to his colleague outside, giving him a 10- second window to carry out his crime.Philip Alcock, prosecuting, told the court the charge had been changed from theft from a person to theft from a pending estate.He added: This was in anything but the strictest sense a gross, gross breach of trust, particularly as he was trusted by the officer who was comfortable leaving him there for 10 seconds must have left him wondering if I cant leave the undertaker in the presence of the deceased what can I do?.The police officer later noticed the purse had gone from the handbag, and alerted colleagues.Lawler was arrested at the mortuary at Papworth Hospital.He was found with the purse stuffed up his sleeve and cash cards with PIN numbers written on pieces of paper.Magistrates sent his case to Cambridge Crown Court, where he is due to be sentenced at a later date.A spokeswoman for The Co-operative Funeralcare, where Lawler worked, at the time, said: This was a despicable crime and we are pleased Mr Lawler admitted his guilt.He was in our employment for a very short period of time after joining from another local firm of funeral directors. He left our employment once the police investigation came to lightt Con Jennie Scott, who investigated the crime, said: This has been an extremely distressing experience for the victim's close friend and I hope they are now reassured.Lawler deliberately abused his position of trust at the time of this offence and I am pleased he no longer works as a funeral worker.The Crown Prosecution Service said it was pleased with the outcome of yesterdays hearing.A spokeswoman said: Theft is a very personal and serious matter and one we take extremely seriously, and the circumstances around this offence were especially difficult as it evoked very deep emotions on the part of the victims family and the wider community.<br><br>

Security footage of the car

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Security footage of the car and occupant<br><br>Security footage of the car and occupants involved in an attempted bag snatchA 64-year-old woman has fought off a would-be robber at the Gold Coast's casino in an early morning assault.<br><br>The woman was walking to her car about 1.15am when a woman in her twenties got out of a car that had pulled up near the victim in the Conrad Jupiters casino carpark at Broadbeach.<br><br>The assailant demanded the woman's handbag and swung a knife at the victim. After a short struggle the would-be robber left empty handed.<br><br>The victim was not hurt during the incident. The offender is described as being of Caucasian appearance, aged in her mid to late 20s, with a medium build and about 160cm tall. She had short blonde hair and was wearing jeans and a low-cut top.<br><br>The car was being driven by a Caucasian male with dark scruffy shoulder-length hair.<br><br>

Kardashian's maternity woes

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Kardashian's maternity woes prompt a style lesson<br><br>individual: 7 numChar :2257-->individual: 16 numChar :2199-->TOTAL ELEMENTS IN ARRAY: 25TOTAL CHARACTERS IN ARRAY: 6075TOTAL CHARACTERS IN PAGES: 4456LAST PAGE CONTAINS: 1619-->-->NEW YORK (AP) Kim Kardashian: Take note.To be stylish and pregnant, you need to embrace your new shape. You have to celebrate it. But you also need to be aware of it, and not keep wearing your regular wardrobe even if its a size up.Kardashian, who is expecting her first child with Kanye West in July, has taken heat from the tabloids and armchair fashion critics for her maternity look, which seems a continuation of her usual parade of body-hugging dresses many of which have a hard-to-wear hemline that hits below the knee tucked-in blouses, complicated couturelike details and super-high heels.Lately, though, it seems shes taken the plunge into maternity clothes, sometimes wearing stretch-waist maternity jeans (designer, of course) and leggings, which Pea in the Pod design director Olivia Capone Myers says are the No. 1 must-have item for a successful pre- and post-baby wardrobe.Leggings, along with side-ruched T-shirts and dresses, preferably made of stretch jersey, are the first things to buy when the bump starts showing, and theyre the last ones youre wearing after mom and baby are settled in at home, Myers says.Myers, herself 8 months pregnant, says the current wave of celebrity moms-to-be has reignited interest in this corner of the fashion world, which is sometimes more relatable to shoppers than the runway. The key, experts say, is to stay true to your personal style, but not be so stubborn that you wont tweak it.Jessica Simpson shes really done an amazing job of looking fabulous. She has tweaked her style, moving from heels to flats but still polished. Shes kept her sense of style even with her changing body, and she isnt afraid to sport trends, Myers says. Shes wearing maxi dresses and lace.Baukjen de Swaan Arons, designer of the British-based maternity label Isabella Oliver, has been watching star style, too. She liked the way Jenna Dewan Tatum wore the brands fitted couture black lace gown at the Oscars earlier this year, but she says that its equally stylish to be out and about in a jersey top. And she gives kudos to a then-pregnant Kristen Bell for doing a rock n roll leather jacket and bright purple dress at the Sundance Film Festival. (Bell has since given birth to a daughter.)-->(Page 2 of 3)The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton possesses what might be the worlds most famous baby bump, and she has made a seamless transition into her slightly revamped look. She already wore mostly pretty, flattering and simple silhouettes dresses, coats, hats and monochromatic color, exactly what style expert Amy Tara Koch would suggest.She gets the balance, proportion, simplicity. It seems her nature, so it will already be easier for her to look good every day throughout her pregnancy, says Koch, who wrote the book Bump It Up.But thats not how Kardashian dresses, so there are other tips, says Koch: Kimono sleeves instantly create the bohemian vibe that works well in maternity wear, and so do tunic tops with a blousoned dropped waist. The high necks and below-the-knee hemlines Kardashian sometimes wears do not. Dangling earrings would draw the eye to the slope of the neck and shoulders, and a chunky necklace worn against a jewel neck or slightly scooped or V-neck shirt would emphasize the bustline upward.You want to create a focal point that will take attention from elsewhere, Koch says. Kims face looks so pretty now. She has that glow. Thats what we should be looking at.Fit is also important. Stay away from extremes whether its too tight or too loose, says designer Rebecca Minkoff, who blogs for BabyCenter.Oversized clothes might fit the bump, but will work against everywhere else, agrees de Swaan Arons. Consider this the time to show off nice legs or a bit of cleavage.Jersey fabric with its tight-weave stretch is good camouflage (and not just for pregnant women). Designer Abi Ferrin says good jersey will stretch and shrink with the body, and that the weight of the fabric smooths bumps.The garment should be cut to give a little bit of structure because the jersey is so forgiving, Ferrin says.Minkoff got through her first trimester by looping a hair band around the button loop of her pants, but, she says, eventually moms-to-be turn to maternity clothes. Also, its OK if they eventually need a little confidence boost to alleviate doubts about a changing figure, she says. Her easy fix? Invest in great shoes, great jewelry and a great jacket.-->(Page 3 of 3)Researcher MyungHee Sohn, an assistant professor of textile and apparel management at the University of Missouri, has found that, based on body scans, most pregnant women should be moving into maternity clothes in their fifth month, although shoppers typically put it off longer, and the industry uses a 7-month model for most of its measurements.By the time they are five months pregnant, its not just their belly that has grown, but also their bust, waist and hips, Sohn says. Its definitely a new shape. Its not just the body of a woman who gained weight.Pea in the Pods Myers notes that whats in maternity stores now reflects broader fashion trends. Youll find the tunic-and-blazer combination, the cardigans layered with nice Ts, and even the bright pops of color and springtime prints. The mistake I see most is the mentality that they think they have to stay away from stripes, or florals or prints because they fear them to be unflattering, but I think the opposite is true, she says.A clean, sharp nautical stripe, for example, will break up the bump.An it look, like a peplum, which she dubs an arrow to your hips, can be harder to pull off, Koch says. Instead consider of-the-moment accessories, such as a shoe-bootie with a stacked heel or a candy-colored, oversized handbag.Just dont overstuff it yet. Pretty soon that will turn into a heavy diaper bag, Minkoff says.Follow Samantha Critchell atandwwwitter/samcritchell/PagePrevious123Next<br><br>

"The public submits an

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"The public submits an expense accounts" is a phrase that we acquaint with.As a national staff member, our everybody once enjoys the advantage of "the public submits an expense accounts".The situation that pays in the individual, we probably notice very much economical;But as long as the side that is stained with public, we very generous.The wasted phenomenon that"the public submits an expense accounts" causes has already drawn people's extensive attention, money of the masses of the people to the flower"public" nowise loves of the style is very dissatisfied.But the price distortion caused by"the public submits an expense accounts" didn't cause enough value of people.Today that reforms just to push away completely in the price, investigation"the public submits an expense accounts" distort with price all of a sudden of the relation probably isn't unmeaningful.<br><br> The price soars to speak of from the gentleman orchid<br><br> Front segment time, Harbin appeared "the gentleman orchid is hot", the gentleman orchid price soared, a gentleman orchid can sell to several 100 dollarses up to thousand prices is even.People feel strange, residents in Harbin of month average income however several 10 dollarses, buying a gentleman orchid have to a few months of wages, but in addition to appreciating, didn't discover that the gentleman orchid still has other use values currently.Monthly income the common residents of several 10 dollarses are unexpectedly like this of need impulse?A reporter discovered this secret.Originally, the main need of gentleman orchid is an organization group.Is also say, the price of gentleman orchid to a large extent depends "the public submits an expense accounts" to factitiously lift up.This explains:"The public submits an expense accounts" will cause price's distorting.<br><br> What is meant by "the public submits an expense accounts"?<br><br> "The public submits an expense accounts" is a vulgar phrase that uses in the daily life, it includes deep economics language righteousness.This wants to speak of from"spend money".<br><br> According to famous economist rice Er& middot in the United States;The standpoint of virtuous Man in the Fu, allly spend money in the world can allot to one of four kinds of methods.Money may be yours as well as be his;May spend for you as well as spend for him.So 22 four kinds of method.The first is you are that you spend your money;The second is you are that he spends your money;The third is you are that you spend his money;The fourth is you are that he spends his money.<br><br>See with this, personal expenditure can allot for first floriculture money(if buy the thing that oneself uses with own money) or second floriculture money(such as give presents for friend), but"the public submits an expense accounts" then belong to the third or fourth floriculture money.With public expense medical treatment is example, to patient, public expense medical treatment belongs to third floriculture money, namely"you spend his(public certainly include patient at inside) money for you";To doctor, public expense medical treatment belongs to Category 4 to spend money, namely"you spend his(public) money for him(patient)".In the real life, third floriculture money and fourth floriculture money usually mix together.<br><br> The expensive way is different, its effect is also different.Is general to come to speak, while spending money to press the first to carry on, expensive person since attention save money and stress effect, then spend money as far as possible worthwhile;While spending money according to the second method, expensive person probably attention save money but to effect concern not enough, if the person, who give presents, usually spends money to buy some to receive gift have no how much practical value of thing;(no wonder that gift usually is bear to see not enduring)When spend money carries on according to the third method, spend money to just usually speak that the effect doesn't speak an economy;(as long as eat take care of his money how much well)When spend money carries on according to the fourth method, spend money usually since not speak effect also inattention economy.The CT that a business enterprise leadership once let the doctor of the hospital of officers and workers to him to do to originally have no occasion for at a time check(each time 180 dollars), this doctor said to the other people afterwards:If the words that make him(leadership) pay by himself, his affirmation can't have this check.That is 180 dollars money.But we equally can ask this doctor:If make you pay for him, will you have this kind of check for him?<br><br> Is the price distortion how to take place?<br><br> The so-called price distorts and means that the actual price structure deviates balanced price structure.The balanced price structure is meant competition of on the market from supply both parties the common function forms of such a price structure:From supply the angle see, this kind of price structure reflection produces the opposite cost of merchandise and promised maximizing of manufacturer's profits thus;See from the need angle, this kind of price structure reflection merchandise thus promised that the consumer satisfies maximizing of degree to the consumer's opposite effect.If have in supply both parties any one the square be distorted, the price will deviate balanced price."The public submits an expense accounts" mainly passes a distortion need to result in to the distortion of price.<br><br> The price structure reflection merchandise has two basic prior conditions to the consumer's opposite effect:The first, the need is subjected to restriction(namely expend budget stipulation) of the income level, expend the income that can not exceed us such as our everybody;(include borrow funds at inside)The second, need with pursue effect(satisfy) biggest change into a target.Our everybody come to speak, we have the endless demand of various each kind, we want to eat, want to wear, want to live, want a line and want to play, with this every way, we certainly hope it's the more the better.But, our incomes limit our need, we impossibly each aspect is all"many", increasing the expenditure of this aspect will correspond the expenditure of compressing the another place noodles, therefore, we can be in various need carry on weighing a comparison:More eat and order and not to wear too much and still keep wearing point and doing not eat too much more?The so-called consumption chooses that be want to beg a need under the sistuation that satisfy income stipulation of biggest satisfy.<br><br> If a person's income stipulation is strict, his need hobby the function is also decided, so, his expenditure structure is decided to price structure, be say, there is a kind of function relation between price structure and need structure.If everybody's expenditures are subjected to strict stipulation of the income, if everybody at pursue demanding biggest satisfy, so, from here form of the market demands structure just reflects society consumption hobby towards shoulding wear particular price structure, this price structure.Factitiously change this kind of price structure, will make the consumer make the need changing direction the price low merchandise from the price higher merchandise, result in putting off of the former and the supply falls short of demand of the latter thus.If don't want to maintain this kind of condition over a long period of time, the price has to resume its original level.This is the balanced price structure that we say.(we didn't consider the distortion of supply here)<br><br> If the expenditure isn't to come from personal income, but from"the public submits an expense accounts", so, normal need of two prior conditions Be hard to satisfy:The first, expending the budget stipulation will soften;(personal income is fixed, while money of the public then usually can annex)The second, the expensive person doesn't necessarily pursue the biggest effect.(is like"you spend his money for him")As long as these two results contain occurrence, need and price its function relation for smelling doesn't reply existence.Is opposite with this need should of the price structure escape from social consumption hobby function.Some merchandise markup affirmation will kick out one personal part of consumers or make the individual purchase quantity decrease, but the public submits an expense accounts of buy quantity usually depend to annex expenditure but maintain to constantly even also increase.The gentleman orchid price in Harbin one who rise to unexpectedly have never frightenned to walk to purchase to several 100 dollarses, important reason is the expenditure budget that buys to control too soft, don't speak practical value as well.If let the party concerned buy oneself to use with his/her own money, so, the first, he probably basically could not take so much money;The second, even if is rich to also feel not worthwhile, so, this kind of condition of the market is a hard maintenance.Individual's buying thing is to ask price first, while the public buy thing first is can development ticket.(compare under, price height's pouring is next in importance)<br><br> "The public submits an expense accounts" is a catena to the distortion of price.If the accommodation fee can raise, that meeting from here parties living a need for the need, refrigerator of the need, carpet of the need, air condition machine of color television, etc., arouse the price of these merchandises to soar thus;So, actually because service standard exaltation but arouse service charge exaltation,<a href="">SDFSD</a>, still because of service charge(can) exaltation but arouse a service standard exaltation, perhaps is that one is hard to say a pure problem.But have 1:00 is clear, if be on business the fee give out personal dry use, the bed of above 10 dollars perhaps few someones ask about(foreigner excepted), one large numbers of color televisions can move a store, and buying the troops of color television may consumedly shrink a plait.<br><br> Inflation effect and income of "the public submits an expense accounts" assign an effect<br><br> "The public submits an expense accounts" not only distorts opposite price, but also arouses soaring of commodity price total level.This is main Be produced to two reason.The first, "the public submits an expense accounts" usually arouses budget expenditure increment and becomes causing a finance in the red, social gross demand inflation and thus arouse price to soar completely of important reason.Someone says that the administration fee expenditure increment in last year is because the price hike results in, this words probably only have half accuracy.The actual circumstance is also likely to be, the commodity price soars a part is because the administration expenses increases causable.The second, even if there is no finance in the red, don't take place name gross demand the inflation be distorted, result in a part of merchandises supply because of the price structure opposite nervous, cause in procession and the ticket waits the emergence(namely the ticket acts as currency) of quasi- currency and makes thus the currency actually depreciate, this similarly a kind of inflation.<br><br> "The public submits an expense accounts" still arouses income of again allotment.The first, as money of"public", come from whole societieses, can be treated as everyone have all of, everyones are "he".But, the different person enjoys the opportunity of "the public submits an expense accounts" not greatly same.Two persons of nominal wages equalities, a thing that is enjoyed for a year by"the public submits an expense accounts", the another doesn't have"the public submits an expense accounts" the person of opportunity perhaps three years could not enjoy as well.The second, the different person consumes to constitute different, regardless the ascension of a distortion is still a commodity price total level of price structure, will arouse income of again allotment.<br><br> I write this short composition and far from advocate cancel"the public submits an expense accounts", because"the public submits an expense accounts" be not all not to, and as long as having a society, will have group, will have a nation, necessary have "the public submits an expense accounts".Besides, on some special merchandises, the public submits an expense accounts to also have it special advantage.I want to tell people, the price of "the public submits an expense accounts" is huge, as expensive kind of way, as far as possible little use.To each citizen, as long as oneself can directly spend of money, don't make the other people replace their they's flowers;Speak to the government, as far as possible 3, 4th floriculture money change into 1, 2th floriculture money, so all beneficial at the country at the people. <br><br>I write this short composition and also far from want to distort current price to lay the blame on on "the public submits an expense accounts".In fact, "the public submits an expense accounts" just the price distorts of one of the reason.But I think, for ensuring price reform smoothly progress, reforming the period should narrow the scope of "the public submits an expense accounts" as far as possible and strictly control administration expenditure and social group purchasing power.Such as don't block a head of in"the public submits an expense accounts", the price releases hard reasonable also, also cause the situation of low wages high commodity price.

In this undated photo

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In this undated photo provided by Bravo,<br><br>In this undated photo provided by Bravo, Christos Garkinos, left, and Cameron Silver, owners of Los Angeles vintage store Decades, and hosts of the new reality TV show "Dukes of Melrose," talk about a pair of shoes in their store during one of the show's episodes. Silver and Garkinos hold many style secrets of fashion's royalty, and the duo dish some of them on the new Bravo series. (AP Photo/Bravo, Vivian Zink)NEW YORK, N.Y. - The Dukes of Melrose hold many style secrets of fashion's royalty, and the duo of Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos dish some of them on their new Bravo series that follows the owners of Los Angeles' famous Decades vintage store.<br><br>They love the gowns, handbags, jackets and shoes they're selling to their upscale and style-savvy clientele, but they love the stories of the lives the clothes have lived even more.<br><br>They gossip about the Marni wedding dress they've bought and sold, and bought and sold again. No. 1 is divorced, No. 2 was over the dress and No. 3 still has it, Garkinos says.<br><br>Sometimes they have to run interference between families: There's a gaggle of socialite sisters with similar tastes and a competitive spirit, each one trying to top the others. Sometimes, they'll have to stop a sister from buying something from another sister's stash.<br><br>It's no problem to call them style matchmakers, either. Customers get to know the look of their favourite sellers. At a recent trunk show, a client couldn't wait to snap up the goat-fur Roberto Cavalli jacket of a woman she'd met at an earlier Decades event.<br><br>Nicole Miller attended the same trunk show. Garkinos and Silver consider it a badge of honour that designers shop at their store for inspiration. Alexander Wang, for one, felt like he had made it to the big league when he saw his own merchandise on Decades' racks, they say.<br><br>Donatella Versace was refused entry. She came on a Sunday, Garkinos recalls, and he was wearing — gasp — overalls because they had been painting the store. I told her, 'The store isn't ready to be shopped,' and she came back the next day.<br><br>Silver opened Decades in 1997. Garkinos joined two years later. They have a shared passion for good fashion: pieces that last, make an impact and deserve to be enjoyed more than once.<br><br>Yes, there are some people who are a little freaked out by the idea of vintage, but we're shopping from really good closets, Silver says, and these clothes are usually from happy moments. A couture gown from the 1950s is just embedded with history — and probably champagne.<br><br>He defines clothes in this way: Used means something has been worn. Retro means it's from a certain period. And vintage means something with value and designer integrity — and quite possibly from an important house.<br><br>Garkinos says age isn't a criterion. For example, a Prada nylon backpack from the late '90s is vintage — and so might one of the ombre bags from 2008. It also can be expensive — in the four-digit category — and, occasionally, even more.<br><br>Vintage clothes, especially in Hollywood, provide the opportunity for a little less cookie-cutter dressing. Some people like walking into the room knowing they're not wearing a trend, although not enough starlets understand that, Silver says. I want to see more people have their Cher moments, the Celine Dion-in-the-backward-Galliano moment.<br><br>Garkinos muses how some clothes and accessories sell the moment they come in the door, while others, including a custom-made Versace suitcase that was made for Prince and even has his initials and a purple lining inside, don't — though eventually there's the right buyer for everything. (It took almost two years to find the now very proud owner of the Prince piece.)<br><br>Stella McCartney, Rochas, Alexander McQueen and Vuitton seem to be labels they can't hold on to, while Marc Jacobs, beloved by the industry and handbag shoppers around the world, can take a lot longer to sell.<br><br>Dukes of Melrose (10:30 p.m. EDT) includes that sort of voyeuristic experience into the world of couture clients, Silver explains.<br><br>We are in the business of storytelling, Garkinos adds, and where better to do that than TV? They definitely seem like natural showmen — outgoing, sometimes snarky, with fabulous wardrobes.<br><br>Actually, though, they were at first turned off by the idea of a reality show.<br><br>We didn't want it to be a show that makes you dumber, says Silver, who went on a bit of a rant about entertainment that caters to the lowest common denominator. However, he and Garkinos believe they have enough credibility to be the kind of TV that can teach a broader audience to appreciate fashion as an art.<br><br>Melrose is the famous shopping street where Decades is located, and Dukes came about because Silver is known as the king of vintage and Garkinos as the king of consignment.<br><br>Online:Samantha Critchell atwwwitter/ap_fashionwwwitter/sam_critchell/<br><br>

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<div id=page class=span-8><h1>Terms</h1><p>Please read this Agreement carefully before accessing As a condition to and in consideration of receiving and accessing, the User agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. Use of or access to shall constitute acceptance of and agreement to be bound by this Agreement. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT, DO NOT ACCESS If you have any questions about this Agreement, please contact the webmaster.</p><p><strong> Access Agreement</strong><br/>THIS AGREEMENT &#8220;Agreement&#8221; is entered into by and between and any individual, corporation, association, agency, company, or other entity who accesses or uses (the &#8220;User&#8221; or &#8220;you&#8221;).<br/>, which is provided without charge to you, is a World Wide Web site on the Internet that is designed to allow users to post jobs and/or to view jobs posted by other users or interact with those users. is owned and operated by contains or may contain information, communications, opinions, text, graphics, links, electronic art, animations, audio, video, software, photos, music, sounds and other material and data (collectively, &#8220;Content&#8221;) formatted, organized and collected in a variety of forms that are generally accessible to Users, including directories and databases, and areas of that can be modified by Users, such as posting jobs, uploading multimedia files, registering user profiles, and creating Auto-Notify profiles (&#8220;Interactive Areas&#8221;).</p><p><strong>1. 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mit der state of the union

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mit der state of the union offiziell in unsere \"rückansicht\", viele politische jabs wird von beiden seiten des ganges zu feuern. ich habe keine politische streitschrift bevorstehenden - ich möchte nur, um geld zu machen. aber wenn man einen objektiven blick auf politische politik, die \"sensible\" und komplex wie \"obamacare\" ist manchmal weisen den durchschnittlichen anleger die chancen der markt ist einfach zu emotional zu kapitalisieren. es ist wie jim cramer sagt immer: \"es gibt immer ein bullenmarkt irgendwo:\" ich mag das, es ist eine erinnerung daran, dass jede politik investitionen gewinner und verlierer schafft. obamacare erstellt ein verstecktes hausse der letzten vier jahre, trends auf dem arbeitsmarkt gefördert haben scharen von ausgerückten arbeitnehmer in positionen, die sie verachten bleiben. aber das \"gletscher\" der beschäftigung unsicherheit auftaut. in der tat im jahr 2012 41% der arbeitgeber (bis 7% seit 2010) berichteten von einer unfähigkeit, offene stellen zu besetzen. zur gleichen zeit, sagen 30% der arbeitnehmer, sie würden vorzeitig in den ruhestand (bis 9% seit 2010), wenn sie nicht brauchen vorteile. also, was passiert, wenn die affordable care act (obamacare) geht mit vollgas im jahr 2014? ich würde wetten, dass mehr menschen werden verlassen oder in den ruhestand, und es gibt einen bullenmarkt unter sie alle. denken sie daran, vor dem \"großen rezession\" einige schätzungen prognostiziert eine qualifizierte arbeitskräfte rückgang von bis zu 50% in der belegschaft. der grund für den mangel ist auf \"baby-boomer\" pensionierungen und einen allgemeinen rückgang der ausgebildete arbeitskräfte. die wahrheit ist, dass wir an der schwelle eines fachkräftemangels sind und obamacare wird eingestellt, um eine versteckte \"super bull\" in diesem raum zu schaffen. die gewinner der \"handwerk super bull\" arbeitstag (nyse: wday)? das unternehmen startete seinen börsengang erst im vergangenen monat und wird derzeit nicht, einen gewinn, aber es ist sehr interessant, da eine \"spekulative spiel.\"? arbeitstag bietet eine einzige anlaufstelle \"software as a service\"-plattform, die arbeitgeber, um alles von der rekrutierung outsourcing-services verwalten können zu gewinn-und verlustrechnungen. noch besser <a href=""><strong>New Balance 999</strong></a> ist, können sie ihren arbeitstag belegschaft zu optimieren. sie können bestimmen, wie gut ein top-mitarbeiter gegen ihre gezahlt wird \"marktvergleich;\" alle auf ihrem ipad, die alle auf der wolke. oder sie können prüfen, umsatz pro mitarbeiter erzeugt für einen bestimmten geschäftsbereich und ordnen und neu strukturieren ihre mitarbeiter für diese sparte. während das unternehmen nicht verdienen einen gewinn für mindestens ein jahr, es auf der rechten seite von diesem trend und mit einer marktkapitalisierung von nur rund $ 8b ist, könnte es eine große akquisition spiel als gut. korn / ferry international einfach ausgedrückt, korn / ferry ist es, \"qualifizierte talente suchen,\" was mcdonalds hamburgern ist. in einer branche, die durch hunderte von kleinen spieler fragmentiert ist, sind sie die einzige globale \"direkteinsteiger\" search unternehmen. bis vor kurzem war direkteinsteiger alle korn / ferry hat aber jetzt sind sie in einigen kostenlose leistung der mitarbeiter beratungsleistungen sowie plantschen. mal sehen, ob sie den trend, der korn / ferry 's sparten bindet, kann vor ort: direkt mieten suche: skilled headhuntern \"cold call\" executive level-talent in wettbewerbsfähigen bereichen wie finanzen, technik und werbung. diese exec regel erwerbstätig sind und in der nachfrage, aber sie zahlen nur korn / ferry, wenn sie einen mietwagen (die gebühr ist beträchtlich.) mitarbeiter wirksamkeit / entwicklung beratung machen: korn / ferry nutzt branchenspezifische daten und know-how zu helfen xyz arbeitgeber bestimmen, wie effektiv ihre mitarbeiter und bestimmt, was die leistung zu verbessern. denken sie, \"the bobs\" aus dem film office space. weißt du, was der begriff \"investor freundlich\" link ist? ich werde ihnen sagen! diese dienste haben kosten korn / ferry $ 0 in overhead! der einzige wirkliche overhead korn / ferry hat, sind seine mitarbeiter und gebäude, die dringend benötigte flexibilität, um durch rezessionen manövrieren bietet. trotz der aufwärtstrend der arbeitslosigkeit blieb die firma durch jede der letzten fünf jahren profitabel. korn / ferry hat das beste talent, wenn es um die besten talente und eine renommierte marke kommt, sie sind gut positioniert, um diesen stier zu nutzen. dice vs linkedin linkedin jeder liebt, mich eingeschlossen. ich schrieb sogar einen beitrag erklärt, wie begeistert ich über die unternehmen 90% (im jahresvergleich) anstieg der rekrutierung umsatz war. um sicher zu sein, mit steigenden umsatz-und recruiting viele möglichkeiten, um \"recruiting umsatz\" besser zu monetarisieren, ist linkedin eine riesige qualifizierten arbeitskräften spielen. aber dass die begeisterung kommt mit einem preis, trägt das unternehmen eine vorausschauende p / e von 79.31. ein weit billiger, aber genauso bullish spiel dice holdings ist. diese wenig bekannte firma ist wirklich ein personalvermittler der beste freund, wie seine produkte (spezialisierte karriere-webseiten, karrieremessen, etc.) machen das \"unmögliche mieten,\" möglich. dice hat nischen innerhalb von nischen gefunden und ausgenutzt sie mit starken markenbekanntheit unter einstellung behörden. zum beispiel besitzt eine jobbörse dice (wie monster, etc.) genannt rigzone, die nur kandidaten, die petroleum engineers auf sie sind. wie schwer ist es, petroleum engineers rekrutieren? sie haben derzeit eine arbeitslosenquote von weniger als 1%. doch durch rigzone <a href=""><strong></strong></a> und seine oil \u0026 gas karrieremessen (die 2-5k kosten für recruiter zu besuchen), liefert dice. doch trotz steigenden eps (20% pa) und einer fetten return on equity (19%) die aktie bleibt weitgehend reichen gebunden; es überspannungen auf das ergebnis beats und zieht sich dann zurück zu den $ 9/share <a href=""><strong></strong></a> bereich. mit starken jeweiligen positionen in der online / social recruiting, könnten sie kaufen dice oder linkedin. oder kaufen sie beide und hoffen, dass dice linkedin kauft auch. ? 7% arbeitslosigkeit = a fachkräftemangel. yeah ... ich sagte, es ist lustig, wie investoren wollen immer das \"smart money\", folgen sie doch noch planen, den markt zu schlagen. soviel sagen, wenn die fachkräfte \"super bull\" zum tragen kommt werde ich auf jeden fall .? eine der ersten, die der partei sehen sie die artikel obama und das handwerk super bull erschien ursprünglich auf narr copyright 1995 -.?. 2013 das motley fool llc alle rechte vorbehalten der motley dummkopf hat eine offenlegung politik..<ul>

<li><a href="" target="_blank">morrisville kommissare wheres jeder ausgang</a></li>

<li><a href="" target="_blank">wie können autofahrer pass gehen und flucht verkehr jail</a></li>

<li><a href="" target="_blank">nicaragua extradite us hand in fast $ 137m betrug</a></li>


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