Time needs you

Do not fear the passage of time.
Like a wild animal in pursuit, running away only encourages its aggression.

Yes, you can distract it with loud noises and other misdirection.
If you fancy yourself a Tipu Sultan, you can battle it in hand to hand combat
    and wound it for a time or
maybe with compassion and wisdom try to reason
    and tame its nature.

Perhaps you seek an alternate route or hide
    for sometime to mock it - confused below your leafy perch.
Eventually, you will also need food and water, or an impulsion to wanderlust
    and again you’ll be moving on, followed by claws and jaws tense behind steely eyes.

You will be eaten.

The tiger only exists within your dreams and hallucinations
    as they are snuffed out, the murder-suicide that follows is of little consequence to anyone.

Time needs you as much as you need time.

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