Where is the Media module at or why I spent DrupalCon in a corner w/ my laptop

Like many Drupalcons, I spent nearly the entire conference preparing my presentations. This is no fun, but we’ve been so busy trying to get the new gallery feature in Drupal Gardens released that it was the only way.  Anyone else have this experience?

My Agile presentation got the pretty slides and practiced talking points.  But for my Media presentation, I decided to keep it pretty simple. No fancy slides with ironic images and silly jokes. No showmanship, no costumes, no entrance on a motorcycle jumping through a ring of fire. I just talked about the problems in D6 which prompted work on media, showed a demo and then we had a nice intimate discussion among the 200 or so people there as to what was going to happen next.

It was great and the feedback I got very much validated my original vision which was:

  • Useful, attractive and consistent interfaces whenever files are used.
  • Meta-data attached to files, no file-as-node business.
  • Secure ways to extend multimedia features to your whole community.
  • Killer WYSIWYG support.

During the discussion on the roadmap and the BoF I organized a few major features were repeated:

  1. Video and Audio
  2. A more sophisticated browser (folders, permissions, sorting, etc)
  3. 3rd party integration w/ Youtube, Flickr and other services

Then during the coding sprint, Jam said to me “when will there be video and audio in the media module?" To which I replied: “It’s in the backlog”

But then, seeing as I had a whole day to hack on Drupal and not the brain cells left for the core issues on the table, I decided to put a prototype together for video and audio support. I knew it wouldn’t be the final product, as there are a *lot* of edge cases, but after fooling around a bit, I found the mediaelement module by mfer. The mediaelement.js library (which the module uses) is very cool. It provides a backwards compatible implementation of the HTML5 video and audio tags. So you can use <video> and <audio> in your code, without worrying about older browsers. The JavaScript, Flash and CSS provided by mediaelement means it will look the same in all browsers (according to amazing authors).

So I did a quick port of mediaelement to Drupal 7 and here is a short screencast showing it in action.

And as a bonus, we've started work on YouTube integration, see the following:


Next steps:

Need to implement the theme_video and theme_audio stuff properly and some size settings, then support for multiple versions of the file (this is trickier).

So come on over to the issue queue and help out!