Sessions, rooms and speakers Oh My! Planning Drupal Camp Western Mass

With DrupalCamp Western Massachusetts only weeks away (Jan 22nd everyone!), it's time to start the daunting task of planning out the schedule.  So many great sessions have been proposed, we've got 200 people registered to attend and a fantastic space with state of the art classrooms, an auditorium and a gorgeous open hall.  How did it happen?

Consult the elders

When the team started talking about how we'd do this camp, I had a nice chat with Kieran Lal who has been organizing Drupal camps and cons since they began.  His advice was sage, the key takeaways were:

  • Keep It Simple Stupid!
  • Use the Conference Organizing Distribution for the website and get it up quickly with minimal fuss.
  • Set a time budget, work backwards.  It's too easy to burn out and overextend yourselves, start from what time people can give and plan accordingly.
  • Focus on creating interactions where people get to know each other, choose sessions because on creating a diverse experience.

 There was a lot more, and if you're interested, see my notes.

Get moving

Even though we only started working on this in mid November, the excellent organizing tem hit the ground running.


Announcing DrupalCamp Western Massachusetts!


The Western Massachusetts Drupal User Group is organizing the first ever DrupalCamp out here in beautiful and happening Pioneer Valley on Jan 22nd, 2011.  The Pioneer valley is home to 5 renowned colleges (Smith, Hampshire, UMass Amherst, Mt. Holyoke, Amherst College) as well as dozens of bars, clubs, cafes, galleries, hikes, boutiques and other things humans like.


Steve Brewer has gotten us a fantastic space in the ultra modern Integrated sciences building at UMass.  We have several state-of-the-art classrooms with projectors, a 300 seat auditorium, and a large atrium for open discussions.  Registration is free and we need people to start submitting sessions now.  The deadline for session submissions is Jan 10th, but don’t wait till the last moment.

Check out the site and get invovled: http://drupalcampma.com/

See you there!


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