A simple script to quickly change your DNS on OSX

OSX-DNS-quick switch

Stupid little script to turn 3rd party DNS on or off.

On some networks (including my phone’s hotspot) the default discovered DNS server doesn’t work.

On other networks (like some of my office wifi) CloudFlare ( DNS doesn’t work.

I have no idea why and don’t care enough to figure it out.

Changing this on mac is a pain in the ass which requires you going to network settings and clicking around every time.

This little script will toggle a 3rd party DNS provider of your choosing.


Just run it.
Edit it if you want to the change the DNS server

Get it here: https://github.com/jacobSingh/osx-dns-quickswitch
Raw: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jacobSingh/osx-dns-quickswitch/master/...

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