Adding to your PATH with oh-my-zsh

I use oh-my-zsh for my shell.

I keep stuff in ~/bin which is not in the default path for OSX

I thought — let’s be organized and keep my customization in an oh-my-zsh plugin.

Hours of frustration ensue.

In oh-my-zsh, they encourage you to put your custom stuff in


And then you add this line in ~/.zshrc:

plugins=(git common-aliases myplugin)

And it will get called. However, if you put this in your plugin:

export PATH

It will not take effect.

The reason is that in ~/.zshrc, plugins are called before the path is set, effectively overriding anything the plugins may have done to the path

So just put that path setting in the ~/.zshrc directly

Originally published at on November 22, 2014.

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