August Acquia India Drupal meetup in Delhi

Thanks to everyone for attending a great Drupal meetup on August 15th in the Acquia offices in Delhi in Stirring Minds.

Although a lot less than 50 registered, we still managed to get around 30 people in the room for some snacks, chat, presentations and hacking, making this one of the largest Drupal meetups I’ve seen in the Delhi area.

The event kicked off with some socializing, table tennis, drinks and snacks. Following that, I (Jacob) did a short presentation on the tools I use to be both lazy and efficient as a developer.

Post that, we dug into some Khati rolls, beer and cold drinks and split into Birds of a Feather groups focused on the following:

  • D7 to D8 module migration (led by Abhishek and Abhishek)
  • Drupal for absolute beginners (some new people from Stirring Minds also attended. (Suchi)
  • Performance optimization (Amit Goyal)
  • Contributing to Drupal (Rajeev).

Many people came up and told me it was the best meetup they’ve been to, which was great to hear.

Future meetups

Unfortunately, Delhi has not has a history of regular meetups. We’re hoping that with the central space at Stirring Minds and a little intention we can change that. I sent out a survey which received 22 responses so far. I’ve attached an export to this post.

Here are some of the rough results:


  • Strong preference for a consistent schedule and a consistent location
  • Saturdays and evenings are most popular


  • General Q&A, code sprints, socializing and BoFs are the most popular activities
  • Long form (30m+) presentations are the least popular.

This suggests that interactivity is the key to create engaging meetups, and will be a focus going forward.

Next one is planned for Sep 19th. If you want to stay in the loop, please signup for the mailing list here or signup for updates on the Delhi page.

Originally published at on August 18, 2014.

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