Mediacrity 50% complete

I got a little time off from “normal” sprint work since Acquia is beginning a new sprint and my baby is supposed to arrive any day now :)

So being the manic workaholic that I am, I made some major improvements to the Media module in the past few days. To name a few:

  • Re-wrote the browser to be more “drupally” I think it’s a good compromise of convention and flexibility. Let’s see…
  • Implemented the Entity Api and type restrictions (so launch a browser to just select images)
  • Got Media as a field working really nicely, got multi-value field support
  • Added a title and data field to the media field so that extending modules can chuck on extra information there. Sweet! No issue for this, just a bonus.
  • Built the media_gallery module. This is a new entity called gallery with 2 fields: Title and Media Items. Media items is a multi-value media field with a description and link for each item. Next step is to build the display mechanism for it. I will be posting a video for this soon!
  • Kicked the shit out of cruft
  • Build a bulk importer which is awesome for testing, and fun for making albums:
  • Created a testbed interface for trying out different launch parameters.
  • Dynamic AJAX Scrolling for the library!

I promise, a more engaging demo is coming soon(ish) depending on how long I stay on this roll and when I become a parent.

Originally published at on March 14, 2010.

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